1. The track list is both predictable and surprising at the same time. Predictable in the sense that the themes that are explored in the songs are exactly David’s cup of tea. And yet I’m surprised that he would listen to artists like Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Cyndi Lauper and U2(!) :-). His tastes are really eclectic.

    Stand out tracks for me would be:

    ‘True Colours’: Cyndi Lauper’s more introspective songs the other being ‘Time After Time’. I’m really curious as to how David would tackle this song.

    ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera: Christina’s powerful voice gave this song a huge impact when it first came out and deservedly won her the Grammy for best pop vocal. David’s voice may not be as huge but his male tenor voice may give it a different solidity.

    ‘Pride(In the name of Love) by U2: Tackling a U2 song?! Bono’s iconic hard edged rock voice is a mighty big shoe to follow in. Now I’m REALLY curious :-).

    And of course the one original song written by David 🙂

    The style of music in this album of covers, to me, is really where David should be and I am looking forward to listening to his interpretation of the songs.

    p/s: I’m not digging the album cover! He looks ghoulish like that Edward Cullen guy in Twilight. That weird colouring of his eyes is just awful.

  2. David looking ghoulish?! Lol! Who would have thought that day would come! 😀
    I personally love that pic.

    He looks mature and his expression has a “devil may care” aura. It gives me the impression that this album holds a different David and it’s the BEGINning of new good music from him – a new beginning .

    I’m glad he no longer wants to look goofy and overly quirky because that’s not totally what he is about, and not totally what he wants to do with his music.
    To me, he looks darn handsome and like someone who has attitude. Love it. 🙂

  3. Great tracklist and interesting song choices too. Didnt Kurt Bestor called him a ‘phenom’?
    Cant wait to hear David’s interpretation on those songs. Its going to be amazing CD!

    I love that stunning pic! He certainly looked very matured there which is what I like.
    Perhaps its the different angle shot, lighting and background colour that some of us are trying to
    get use to. Love his chin dimple too 🙂

  4. Hi Trace,

    Love that song by Keane as well as Angel by Sarah Mclachlan.

    So excited that we will be hearing a variety of songs on the CD. There are 3 songs by 3 rock/alternative bands on the cd ie REM – Everybody Hurts, Keane’s – Somewhere Only We Know and of cos U2’s Pride. Rock on, David!!!

    BTW, how do you like this version of Pride by John Legend? Maybe David’s take will be something like this?

  5. Shirley I think David’s version of the U2 song will be much like John Legend’s with a heavy piano backing. He’ll probably be having pretty much the same issues in mind when he sings the song.

  6. Plus I hope the person who’s producing the CD (Kurt Bestor?) will keep the production to a bare minimum and let David’s voice be the main focus. I think all the songs will best be served if they were underpinned by David’s voice and not too much instrumentation.

  7. Surprised at the tracklist as I thought it would be a gospel CD when David said it’ll be released at year-end. Is it going to be an amazing CD? I hope so!!

    I’m not liking his album cover. LOL…he looks like a “werewolf” and I think it must be the bad lighting! 🙂

  8. Haha Amy thay’s what I said about the cover pic! Those eyes look so eerie and zombie like :-(. You’re right it could be the lighting.

  9. I’m loving this album!!! I love the list of songs! I don’t like the eyes in this picture.

    Thank you for the post!!!

  10. Shirley

    David has a chin dimple? Like a cleft? I didn’t see that – wow you must have scrutinised his face haha! I went back to look – yeeeaah, he does. I liiike! 😀

  11. For you guys who are having major issues with his eyes (what is there not to like!)….werewolf….zombie….eerie…..I saw the same pic at The Voice that has been edited by someone and I think the poor lighting effect has been corrected. And he looks “normal”.

  12. Apparently the cd is being produced by a company called SnowMountain – sounds like it’s in Utah – LDS involvement?

  13. Akang

    Right from the word GO, I suspected his album tracklist would be made up of songs like these – I never thought the songs would be just gospel songs. 🙂
    Yeah I’m psychic 😀

  14. Hey Trace

    The trick here is to keep starring at the original picture. Somehow it will grow on you (for those who still dont quite like it) 😀

    Poor lighting,colour or scary eyes, I still think its a great shot of David!

  15. What a feast for the eyes – those lovable “werewolves” down the right-hand column! 😀
    And what a great wicked sense of humour to frustrate those who don’t like the pic lol! 😀

  16. Shadow, Snow or Everest….as long as they do a good job of it I don’t care :-).

    As for the ‘lovable’ pics on the right side, now that I’m on a photo editing binge I may just do some editing lol!

  17. LOL… ya! John, please go ahead and do some photo edit on those right side pics. Make werewolf boy back to David Archuleta! thanks! 🙂

    Hats off to Shirley for knowing every inch of David’s face. Way to go, girl! 🙂

    Ms Psychic Trace – I do hope the Shadow Mountain label do know how to promote this album in the US and in Asia. We shall wait and see.

  18. Archuleta Avenue Malaysia!
    On a photo editing binge eh? I fear what you will do to David’s lovely face! 😦 🙂

  19. Akang

    David has many sides – lovable side – sunny side – introspective moody side – werewolf side….:D
    As far as I’m concerned, he is now showing his man-appeal side! 😀

  20. Hey Trace,

    Great observation – I say bring on the man-side appeal 😀
    I hope we will be treated to more of such pictures in the actual CD too.


    From that scan that we’ve got from Shadow Mountain, it listed some
    marketing highlights which I think will be for US. Amongst the list were

    Extensive national publicity
    Frequent national radio play
    National marketing via social media
    Direct marketing via e-mail
    Music videos shot prior to David leaving on a mission (noticed it said videos..woohoo!!!)
    Merchandising material available

    Hopefully BEGIN will make some waves and perhaps reach Gold certification just
    like Forevermore did. Wont that be wonderful especially since he’s not around?

  21. Akang,

    Yes, I like True Colours by Eva Cassidy too. Chances are David might do this one since
    he’s such a big fan of Eva.

  22. Thanks Akang, I love Eva’s version of True colors. I think David will bring this song to another level.
    Can’t wait to get hold of this album!!!!

  23. Hi John,

    Did you do anything with David’s eyes? They look much “normal” this time.

  24. Akang

    Thanks for Eva’s True Colours. I’ve never heard it. I must say I much prefer her version to Cyndi Lauper’s.
    Ah..there is another version I found. Will he sing it more like this?

  25. Shirley

    Hey that’s great work done on the marketing of Begin! 🙂

    I do admire the Philippino fans. They wanted an album – they got it – and they went all out to support it. I hope the worldwide archies will give BEGIN that kind of support too, legally.

    I’ve been thinking: won’t it be ironic and wonderful if David could have a Hit with Broken while he is way? 🙂

  26. You know, guys, I was just thinkin’…..
    Was that “vampire” look done on purpose, since it’s all the rage and the “in” thing now to have vampires….vampires falling in love with ordinary people…good vampires walking amongst us….pretty young girls romancing good-lookin’ vampires … maybe the producers think David’s image needs to have a drastic change to keep up with the times….just wondering to myself…….possible right? 🙂

  27. As a matter of fact, when I first heard David’s voice I happened to be reading Twilight. (Everyone was reading them back then) 🙂 And since I didn’t know what David looked like I imagined him looking like Edward, the one described in the book, the one in the movie looked a bit like a drug addict. Well anyways Edward was described as this perfect being; perfect hair, golden eyes, chiseled physique, beautiful voice, the works…

    D’s eyes look kinda grey in the album cover. Reminds me of Sayuri from Memoirs of a geisha… I’m not calling him a geisha lol

  28. Haha Eunice!
    Don’t you recognise David? During the Forevermore recording I think.
    That’s one of my favourite pictures of him.

  29. Oh, that’s David. Now that you mention, I see his face alright! Looks like he is in deep thoughts.

  30. Hey Trace,

    Phil Collins’ True Colour is not bad too, rather upbeat and I can see David doing it
    that way. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Yes, it would be so awesome if Broken is a hit. I’m wondering what the song is
    about…cant wait to hear it 🙂

    LOL on your vampire speculations. Maybe David and his team are just testing the waters
    so to speak. One thing I know is none of the none of those vampires have a great singing
    voice like David. The other thing is we love David way before he spot that vampirishly
    sexy look 😀

  31. liying

    Your imagination is spot on about David being the perfect Edward 🙂
    Except that I think David, if offered a role like that, would have to go on a diet to look more “lean and hungry”. 😀
    Was Edward described as lean and hungry in the book? I just assume that all vampires look that way. 🙂

  32. Eunice

    Yes David in deep thought as to how best to sing a song.
    There is something about black and white photography that makes a pic look more meaningful.

  33. Shirley

    With a title like Broken, one would assume it’s a sad song. But then, that young man always keeps on giving us surprises.

    Would it sound like this?

  34. What I want to know is why is the album called ‘Begin’? What is it the beginning of? A new direction in music? An awakening? A realization? The start of a journey? I don’t see any particular thread that ties the songs together in a sort of timeline so that there’s a beginning and an end. So what is it?

  35. What if David has decided to take on a completely different persona like that long haired, lip stud, grungy looking dude in the Broken video that Trace posted? Is that what ‘Begin’ means?

  36. I liked that Broken vid Auntie Trace posted. I like this one too 🙂

    I’d be pleased if D’s one turns out to be something like those. A title like Broken seems to entail a grungy emo song. Nirvana-esque. Yippee!! Would it be so bad if D turned into a grungy looking dude? hmm…

  37. John (guess it’s you)

    What is the meaning of the word Begin? As the Chinese proverb goes:
    “You ask me, I ask who?” 😀 Absolutely no idea – we can speculate though.

    – He Begins to know what sort of direction he should go? (Make that directionS haha 😀 )
    – He Begins to know the significance and importance of having Management and a Label and not let family dabble in his career choices?
    – He Begins to realise he should not do soap operas? Haha just my own prejudice – no malice intended.
    – He Begins to realise how talented he is?
    – He Begins to realise he should look like a vampire? Lol!

  38. That song Anonymous (liying?) posted is not bad too.

    If David turns grungy-looking, I guess I’ll….em…er…ah…
    I guess I’ll be ok with it. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And grungy men can look mighty sexy too. A ponytail would look rather nice on David, no?

    What about you guys?
    Anyone has any misgivings about it?

  39. Thank you for posting this song Broken by Leona Lewis. She is good. I can feel her brokeness.
    David will do a great job with this song. I remember he sang Apologise at one of his concert, it was just right after his parents separation. He looked sooo broken and we could feel his hurt.

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