36 comments on “Guestbook-Messages for David, More FlyFM updates, MTV Asia’s Chart Attack!

  1. You guys are amazing. I wonder how do you all find times to run this site at the same time have to take care of your lab reports, homeworks, exams, assignments, attend classes and other stuffs.

    Excellent Multi-tasking Award to AAM team. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    BTW, happy holidays and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all our Muslim fans.

  2. Damania: Yes Anne, Lily and Kylie are the powerhouses when it comes to AAM. They’re the workhorses. They make sure this site stays fresh and interesting and as for me I just pretend at writing 🙂 I have the easy job haha. Anne, Lily and Kylie you ladies rock!

    Those screenshots are killing me 🙂 But isn’t it funny that he has a clip behind his striped suit? lol

  3. David got me hypnotized and mesmerized with that lovely pictures 😡

    Anne- thanks for posting the screen shot pics. David so gorgeous 🙂

  4. OMG!!!!! im sorry, i put wrong a emoticon. Actually I want to put a kiss emoticon NOT that angry emoticon

    how can i altered it???

  5. Oh so Anne, Lily and Kylie..you girls are still studying? What about John? Wow i’m amazed by how much effort and time you girls put into doing this!!! Thanks so much babes…i just found out about AAM and am so excited to be part of this family now 🙂

  6. ‘Hey Jolene!!! Were you the ‘Jolene’ who emailed FOD about fly fm david week??? 😀 If you are, great job Gurl!!

  7. Hey Lily 🙂 Yeah i’m the ‘Jolene’ that sent FOD the news!! Fans all around the world were so impressed with Malaysian Arch Angels now, so glad that finally our LOVE for David are being heard 🙂

  8. Hey Jolene! Welcome to AAM. 🙂 So glad to have you here. Have read a few of your comments at FOD / FB and thanks for alerting FOD on the Flyfm tribute. Now they know that M’sian fans are just as avid followers of David as they are.


  9. Wow!I’ve been absend for 2 days and already so much to catch up on hahah
    Jolene – Hellooo there!!Finally we met you lol.u were heard on flyfm and we were wonderin who u were lol..glad u found us! 😀 me and lily are in university, justine is in form 5 and kylie and john are working 😉 Somehow,between the 5 of us,we manage to work things out..oh the things david makes us do doesnt he? LoL.

    Btw, thanks everyone for your continuos support here at AAM..at times its pretty demanding but its all worth it when i know it helps feed ur ODD and make u guys happy =)


  10. Hey John…finally i get to know you!! You are the guy that Hafiz was talking about right? Anyway, i’m just so glad to know all of you as everyone of us here have the same objective which is to give our full support to David…Do u know when David’s album will be released in Msia? Let’s make a plan, we should all go buy his album together just like what the American fans are planning to do 🙂

  11. Hi Anne, it seemed like all of you know my name even before you know me 🙂 Did i sound that extraordinary that made all of you noticed me in Flyfm? Lol 😉

    I was so excited when i found AAM few days ago, it’s like i have found my new family. So you are still in uni…wow..it must be tough to keep up with your studies and at the same time updating this site. Great job Anne and the rest of your team!!

  12. Haha Jolene….we love extreme enthusiasm for David! It’s good for the soul 🙂

    I am working! I have many many bosses 🙂 Young David is one of them and one that I love to meet in person very much.

    Anne…Anne is like my e-dotter, kidding, haha she will freak when she reads this! Lily, I cant do without her, she’s the best with the techie stuff – I want to meet her! John is my Writer Idol – I want to write half as good as him! Such a way with words. Justine, awww….she is like the diamond among the 5 of us, the youngest also but the most amazing young writer I’ve come across. And me.. hihi I’m just like a David fangurl.

    And you can bet, we will plan a big, big party when David swings around here…and of course you are driving the committee with DJArox!

  13. Jolene – ah yes we do know indeed lol!It puts a smile to my face to know how happy u are to have found us!we are thrilled too when fellow msian archies discovers and joins this family!Thanks so much again for your support jolene!Appreciate every bit of it! =)

    Kylie- Haha!e-daughter u mean? Aww.i didn’t freak out!I feel honored in fact =) And we’re all fangirls(and fanboys) when it comes to david 😛
    Ah big party!Can’t wait!! 😀


  14. Wow Kylie…thanks for the PRIVILEGE you gave me by letting me be one of the committee with DJArox!! Even thinking about it makes me all excited now lol!! I can’t imagine how it’s going to feel when we meet David in person 🙂

    Haha..so Anne is your e-daughter? That’s funny..Are you the most senior in your team? You girls are so lovely…really can’t wait to meet all of you 🙂

    What an efficient team AAM is, everyone is good at different things so i bet you all can’t live without each other, teamwork always work!!!

  15. Hey Anne, you are welcome!! I’m spreading the news of AAM to all my friends and family asking them to join us here too 🙂 Some of my friends were shocked to hear that there’s a fansite for David in Msia, so i told them about 5 of you and they were really impressed!!

    Tell you what, i’m doing kinda like “David Archuleta Campaign” in my shop. See i own a fashion boutique and so i decided to give all my customers a CD with all David’s songs in it which i’m already playing it in my shop. I’m actually burning all the CDs right now, i felt like i have violated the rules and become a pirated distributor lol…but i wanna let them know about David and action speaks louder than word, so when they hear his voice i’m sure they will be captivated and definitely will buy his album when it’s released. I just hope i can contribute as much as i can to help boost the sales for David’s album 🙂

    Here comes all the fangurls 😉

  16. Oh my gosh ashley Jolene! lol I think you’re the one with the most “severe” case of ODD! 🙂

    “Distributing” David’s cd already? What a hoot 🙂
    David must meet such ardent fans like you and I really hope he’ll get to come to M’sia to meet all his fanatic fans. 🙂

  17. Hello, Jolene! Sorry my greeting is pretty late since I’ve been away for a while. Great to have you with us and keep spreading the Archu-love around… Haha. 🙂

  18. Haha.. John, i have to agree i’m having very serious ODD but guess what, my ODD has spread to my staffs also, so they are working really hard to tell every customer about David too!!! So now every customer that walks into our boutique, they will get to know who David is or for those who already know who he is are more than happy to receive the CD 🙂 The feedbacks have been really good so far 😉

    One more thing that’s really important, i just found out in Fanblast that we can Demand for David to come to Malaysia. Here’s the link: http://eventful.com/demand/D0-001-002456041-9
    Please spread the words!!! The Singaporeans and Philippinos are already busy requesting now, so we have to get more people to REQUEST!!! Go Malaysians!!!

  19. Hey Justine 🙂 I have heard about you from Kylie, the youngest but amazing writer. You will have my full support here and i’m busy spreading the Archu-love around lol 🙂

  20. Oh by the way, just to let you guys know i’ll be away to Bangkok and Spore for a few days…so i’m gonna miss AAM 😦 Wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday!!!

  21. Hey Jolene have a good trip!

    Also the demand for David link that Jolene provided is a must visit site for all M’sian fans. You can go there and “demand” for David to perform in M’sia. The last time I checked KL only received 9 votes, so go and demand! 🙂


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