20 comments on “Sony Music Malaysia Announcement

  1. Hey Kylie or John,

    I sent you an email. Please check. My twitter account is not working and I can’t tweet you folks.

  2. *whistling*… *glances at this post*…

    … *double take*…


    …………….. O_O.


    *withdraws RM300 from bank account*

    Ticket Charge, I am now officially stalking you up till 20th June. And maybe even after that.
    That is all.


  3. Oh Sony and AAM! You are both such sweetie pies! Thank you so much for the hard work! Love you to pieces! Spreading the word………………!!!

  4. You guys gathering on Sunday for the ticket launch?

    And are all of you getting VIP tix?

    Omg I’m so excited I can’t even hjsdvdhjbdbvsltbk


  5. hola peeps!! Will there be any plans for the AAM members?? any priority for this concert like the last showcase? u all getting the VIP tixs?? omg omg.. pls let me know coz i wanna stick with you AAM-ers! :):)

  6. Nat & Feli, we try to stay together. But we have to work out the details. Stay tune.

  7. okie.. i hope all things are sort out b4 sat or sun coz if there’s no chance to stick together i’ve gotta get myself a ticket asap. 🙂

  8. Hey AAM, I’m back here once again…

    Why is the concert on Tuesday? I’m not staying in KL. Mom won’t allow me to skip school to the concert too… 😦

  9. Alright Kylie. =)

    Imagine if we AAM-ers could get ourselves special privileges again. 8D

  10. ONE VIP SEAT FOR IRDA AMELIA SUHAIMI PLEASE!! Mmm, John, so this sunday we will all be at Berjaya Times Square right?? 😀 Long awaited day!!

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