17 comments on “IMAGINE – A Love Story

  1. What Nelson Mandela says about our acknowledgment and acceptance of our own spiritual power – what we can be – and what we can share with others, that Love energy – is the basis of my “Love Story”.

    Love is a light in our hearts and it is the most beautiful and noblest gift given to a human being.

    These are my less than spectacular musings whilst stuck in a David-stupor. 🙂
    Yes, David.
    The energy of love prevails.

  2. Trace
    Without your explanation there, I would’ve been quite confused as to why it is called a love story. Nevertheless, it makes you sound like you’re the wise side of David. hahaha. 😛

  3. Hi Trace,

    Such liberating words from Nelson Mandela! Thanks for bringing it here.
    Somehow while reading your post I am reminded of this quote that we were
    taught as kids in our Sunday school.

    “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

    That’s why I cant wait to hear David’s take on Pride (In The Name Of Love) on his BEGIN. album 😀

  4. This Love Story is just not confined to our love for David or romantic love for our partners.
    On a wider spectrum, we must manifest that love energy we have inside ourselves to touch more people.

    Love and beauty have been the main driving forces in my life and I hope we can all look into ourselves for that light.

    This vid named “I cried after watching this…” had me in tears too.

  5. Haha Tracy!

    I certainly hope I’m wiser than David being so much older. 🙂
    But, for a person his age, he is definitely pretty much filled with life’s wisdom. Let’s hope he extends this wisdom to his career when he comes back. 🙂

  6. Shirley

    I think if we love faithfully without falsehood, hope will follow. 🙂

    Not so long ago, I read The Zahir by Paulo Coelho, the same author who wrote The Alchemist which is David’s favourite book. He says…

    “….we are all connected by an energy which many people call Love, but which is, in fact, the raw material from which the Universe was built. This energy cannot be manipulated, it leads us gently forwards, it contains all we have to learn in this life….”

  7. In the words of Han Suyin:

    “Love is a many splendored thing”

    And according to George Benson:

    “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”

    If we are able to feel love for oneself, not in a narcissistic, selfish way but openly and honestly then we can learn to love others as well. It all starts from a healthy self-respect from which we can treat others the same way.

  8. John

    I love Oscar Wilde’s humour and his words but there is something he said which I have not come to grasp its meaning.
    He says: To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

    Whereas I have been taught from young that ” love is not love until it is given away”.

    So till today, I don’t understand what’s the meaning of “to love oneself is the greatest thing of all”.
    It does conjure up thoughts of a sense of self-indulgence and narcissism.

  9. Sheba and I attended Jason Mraz’s concert at Stadium Merdeka last night. It was an awesome 2-hr solid straight singing by Jason and his voice was so clear. The sound system was very good, the weather was nice and the audiences were fun.fun.fun. 🙂

    Jason’s world tour is titled “LOVE is a four letter word” and he makes a funny banter of it. LOL… He is a real witty man!

    Trace, this song will definitely don’t make you teary:-

    Sheba, I’m waiting for you to upload Jason’s performances on youtube!! Thanks for your companionship! LOL..

  10. Hey Akang and Sheba,

    Guess you ladies had a blast at JM’s concert 😀 I’ve checked out a few videos on youtube and indeed the sound system was awesome. Jason’s vocal was on top form too.

    Akang – thank you for video dedication of Living In The Moment. That’s the first video I searched for last night. BTW, since we’re talking about LOVE here, did you get yourself the LOVE-shirt at the concert? 😀

  11. Trace I guess it’s 2 sides of the same coin. When you can and know how to love – starting with yourself – then you have love to give.

    As for JM, a friend of mine took a picture with him at the concert. Don’t know how he did it though.

  12. Akang

    Woah! So you and Sheba managed to go to the JM concert!
    I’m surprised the sound system at Stadium Merdeka is good and clear.

    I think JM has great style but I’m still not relating to his music.
    But I think his calling his tour Love Is A Four Letter Word is of great marketing strategy. 🙂

    Thanks for The Freedom Song. I guess the lyrics are relatively similar to what Nelson Mandela says about “being liberated”.

  13. Hey, talking to you guys and watching your vids has given me an even deeper perspective to loving though I thought mine was already pretty deep haha! Thanks!

    We’ll have a new post very soon on a subject that will lighten our hearts with a few giggles.
    Watch out for it! 🙂

  14. Hey John you know I didn’t understand that Oscar Wilde quote for a long time but I guess as time goes by it began to make sense to me. But like you said I think it s along the lines of you got to have something first before you can give it away and you got to be able to take care of yourself first before you can take care of someone else, etc.

    It also reminded me of David’s favourite quote when he was on AI, which was something like, “learn to love yourself and you’ll never be alone” or something like that.

    Trace, that vid absolutely killed me. Struck so close to home 😦

    Akang, thank YOU for making that concert happen! JM is one artist that has AMAZING live vocals. Excellent endurance as well cause he went on for two hours straight without any intermission! Great sound system considering it was in Stadium Merdeka. Organisers did a good job 😉

    Amy here’s I’m yours:

    You can check out the rest of the vids at my youtube channel here:


    I didn’t upload everything though.

    Man its been awhile since I took a concert vid. Feel totally out of practice..

  15. Wow JM was in fine form at the concert and he sang for 2 hours? it’s rare for a Western artist to perform for so long :-). You guys got your moneys worth!

    Sheba, Trace, Amy and Shirley
    The greatest gift that we all can give is love. It sounds cliched and all but it is true. We all should rejoice that we have enough love in our lives to bless others with the same gift. We should be happy and thankful that our lives are abundant enough that we can share the benefits with others.

  16. Sheba! woohoo…… THANKS for I’m Yours video above! Who say you are out of practice? Still very good!! Will check out your youtube channel later!

    John – haha.. “As for JM, a friend of mine took a picture with him at the concert. Don’t know how he did it though” – the answer is simple: stalk him-lah just like you guys stalked David at his hotel after the concert.

    Shirley – When JM struck his guitar chord at the start of your favourite song, I dare not shriek with delight fearing my voice would be caught on Sheba’s video … LOL…It’s not easy standing next to a videographer!! 😉

    This song will give everyone the greatest gift i.e. LOVE :-

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