50 comments on “A combination of contradictions – By Trace

  1. David is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. I don’t think any one of us can truly say that we know him even though he’s more accessible than a lot of people in his position. He appears to be a very grounded, stable and honourable man but there are also sides of him that I find pretty confounding like his attitude towards dating and physical intimacy.

    I suppose if you look at it from the other angle than David is extremely respectful of people and their feelings but to a lot of people he would come across as quite ‘unusual’.

  2. Hey Trace,

    Thanks for cheering up my wet and dreary evening with this post.

    While I do agree with you that David is quite an enigma, I must say some of
    his fans are quite hard to understand as well. There are some who maintained that its better to love/admire him from the distant but nothing will make them stay put when David is in the region. Think I just described myself there 🙂

    Another shared that she’s not a particular fan of Christmas music but the last
    I heard she will be attending one of his MKOC shows 😀

    Point No 3 – constant tugging of his shirt…who knows, maybe he has a tattoo to hide too…heehee

  3. What a load of BS! David Archuleta is as shallow as they come. There’s nothing contradictory about him. You get what you see – a lightweight wannabe.

  4. Mr/Ms Boo, I think your name does you justice. You are obviously a hater with serious problems and know nothing about David. In my opinion, this is an article speaking the truth and from the heart with a touch of humour.
    David is not “lightweight”, he is a very serious musician who is a great and true artist!

  5. Shirley
    Yes, David does have some weird fans who would not admit how much they really love him lol!

    If he has a tattoo on his back (you mean his buttocks? 😀 ), it must be a tattoo of his dear mama haha!

  6. Hi Boo! As Anonymous said, you do have a strange name! 😀
    You really should listen more to David. Your “hatred” will dissipate and you’ll know what you are talking about. 😀

  7. Hatred? Boy you dawgs need to get a life! Since when has telling the truth been seen as ‘hatred’?

    David Archuleta is no big deal. Period. He was dumped by Jive or didn’t you clueless people get that?

  8. Mr/Ms Boo

    Normally I would gun u down – in a manner of speaking – for your comments about David but now I would rather respectfully allow u your space and let you rant. But I want you to know that your opinions about David is so far out at left field that they don’t merit any serious response.

    But rant all you like cos here we encourage dissent 🙂

  9. Ai Boo, “truth” is fine with me and all those archies here at AAM or elsewhere. But get your facts right before you rant and rave about something you either know nothing about or have misconstrued or choose to misconstrue. Giving an opinion is great but please give it respectfully.
    We are clueless people? I think you are the one who is clueless.

  10. Boo to Boo! David wasn’t “dumped” by Jive. He decided to leave the label even after they made offers to resign. Interestingly enough, the label is now defunct. David made the right choice. Looks like you are the clueless one.

    You know, you’ve just got to wonder about the mentality of someone who visits a fan site and bothers to post comments when he or she is so obviously not a fan. I’m sure there’s a clinical term for it, but I think “insecure” suffices for now.

  11. Dear Boo To Archuleta,

    You might be too free to view AAM and purposely post your ‘opinions of truth’ though you dislike who we like here..
    He is not a wannabe.. He is a true artist.. He, himself decided to leave JIVE, not dropped by the label because he wants to do music on his own way..
    He is not the type of artist who will just do what he is told.. That’s what made him, HIM..
    He is the most genuine artist compared to others.. He doesn’t create controversies just to get famous.. All he want to do is just MUSIC that inspired people. And fame does not gets into his head.

    My piece of advice, if you don’t like him, just stay out of his fan site. You don’t have to read what AAM post here..


  12. My previous post should have read: “…made offers to re-sign.” In other words, to sign up for another contract with the label. As Dora pointed out, David said, “no thanks.”

  13. I say “to-may-to” and you say “to-mah-to”. What’s the difference? It’s the same fruit if you catch my drift 😉

    They say that the cream always rise to the top but in Mr Archuleta’s case he seems to have missed the boat hasn’t he?

    I may not be much of a fan but I thought we could speak our minds. In any case it’s obvious the ‘fans’ here have lost all sense of perspective.

    What a pity.

  14. Yes, Boo, you are welcome to speak your mind, but the fact remains that there is nothing truthful to what you say. Pardon us for pointing that out.

    Has he really “missed the boat?” No, but he did he jump off a sinking ship (a.k.a. Jive). When the time is right, he will move forward with another label. In the meantime, David continues to rank in the top tier of Idol alumni in terms of earnings, so once again you really are off the mark in your assessment of his career.

    Okay, I’m done with this discussion. Good luck to you, Boo. Try to find some self esteem another way, because acting like a bully won’t work in the long run.

  15. Dear Boo
    You just don’t give up do you? 🙂
    I think we have a great sense of perspective here. Maybe you don’t have it since you talk about to-may-toes and to-mah-toes when we here talk about a true and honest 1st class musician.

    Yes it’s a great pity. I weep for you that you are missing all the joy and fun we archies have. You can still redeem your life though if you start to listen to David properly and join our rejoicings of him, no? 🙂

  16. Oh that’s right he didn’t miss the boat entirely, my apologies. He got on one headed for Japan like that’s such a big thing. Reduced to playing at festivals and fairs your guy…tsk, tsk.

    Ok I’m done here too. I can see there’s no point in debating the issue. Now I get what I’ve been told about ‘Archies’. Sheesh!

  17. HAHAHAHAHAH you know what, guys? This Boo person here is a perfect example of an Internet troll. Basically they go around to stir up trouble and enrage other people through aggressive comments. Best thing to do is to ignore them once you’ve made your point. If they continue to flame by saying shallow things such as: “i get what I’ve been told about Archie”, “fans have lost their sense of perspective”, “you clueless people”…they obviously are aimed at all of us. He’s doing it on purpose and when you get upset he’s completed his mission.

    And regarding David’s habit of wearing er…rather small sized clothes, he’s still a young person and it’s only natural for us to flaunt ourselves sometimes. :p There’s no point in keeping a good physique if nobody sees it right? But showing underwear has nothing to do with all that; it’s indecent to a lot of people so David knows where to draw the line. 🙂 Just my opinions on the matter. Now remember: don’t feed the trolls!

  18. Hahaha as David would say (or in fact,once said): “Oh well,too bad”

    bye mr/ms.Boo. Thanks for dropping by! 😀

  19. Whoops, some typos earlier. *what I’ve been told about ArchieS and *fans WHO have lost their…
    Sorry for that. 😉

  20. Wow.. Really salute this Boo fella..
    He/she actually come back to check the comments / tick the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ box.. Haha..
    I agree with Zach..Just ignore Boo.. Ignorance is BLISS.. 😀

  21. hello Trace,

    Another enlightening article! hahaha…. looks like you’ve been stalking him day in and day out!! 😉 Yeap, David is certainly an interesting person to analyse. A good role model for his generation.

  22. Mr/Ms Boo is definite a fan of David Archuleta. LOL…he/she is just frustrated over David’s career right now. If she/he not a fan, how would she/he knows that David is now in Japan or recently played at festivals or fairs. If I’m uninterested in one artist, I wouldn’t even care/bother what happens to that person, right? LOLLLL…

    Mr/Ms Boo – do come back to have a conversation with us. 🙂

  23. I sure don’t mind losing my perspective over David .. cos he brought music back to my life. He also directs us to some awesome music from other artist too. What a selfless character with such adorable disposition.

  24. Hm I wanted to come in here and give Mr Boo some tongue lashing but I can see that he has been ‘boo-ted’ out of here by you guys 🙂 Good on ya!

    Guess this person has decided to leave with his/her tail between his/her legs. Good riddance I say 🙂

  25. There is no greater honor in my opinion than to entertain the troops. Nearly every singer in the U.S. covets the opportunity to be invited to perform at a U.S. military base. They picked David. Yes, the cream does rise to the top!

  26. The trouble with you people is you are so blind. I agree with Mr/ms Boo. Maybe David Archuleta’s voice is ok but he has no edge. He is only suitable for gospel music. Adam is so much better. He can reach a pitch that David Archuleta cannot reach. Giving concert is giving entertainment. David Archuleta only run around the stage left and right like a small boy not like a true pop star with glamour costumes and fantasy lighting.
    By the way David Archuleta is also gay. He just will not admit. I come in peace. Only want to tell you the truth.

  27. Lol. Vocal range does not define an artist. Period. And one man’s meat is another man’s poison – so what you dislike about David’s stage performances, we like. Period. Maybe he also swings the same way as Adam Lambert. Alright – you’ve made your point. I’ve nothing against Adam and I’m sure my fellow Archies agree. Since we’ve done squat against your idol, we’ll appreciate if you keep from flaming against David as well.

    I think we should expect more trolls in the future – this site has been targeted, I believe. D:

  28. Adambest,

    A concert does not require flamboyant costumes, it does not require poorly clothed dancers, and it does not need blinding fireworks and lights. The whole point of being at a concert is to have a singer connect with the audience.

    True, the costumes and all may result in a much more entertaining show, but with all of it, your concentration on the singer will be divided by everything there is on the stage. You’ll never really embrace the singing, or to remember the very point you were there, and when you get home, all you can replay in your head is the light show.

    Finally, what you call truth, is nothing but a mere assumption. Empty words, weak without evidence of admittance.

  29. adambest,

    1) If we are blind, we are certainly not deaf.. We can definitely hear that David’s voice is wonderful and amazing. No edge? Are you kidding me? He does not only sings, but the story of the song is told by the way he presented the song.

    2) Adam is great.. But they are both very different artists. Their genre of songs and styles are different.. You can’t simply compare both of them.

    3) So what if he only runs around the stage during the performance? And no costume changes as well? All of these does not matter.. He sings brilliantly.. Concerts like these are priceless.. We go there to be serenade by his singing.. Glamor costumes are overrated in my opinion.. He is not Lady Gaga.. Besides, he did showcase himself playing the keyboard while singing.. That’s pure talent..

    4) You can’t judge a person’s sexual orientation.. So what if he is? It’s up to him to admit it or not.. It’s his personal matter after all..

    I am wondering if adambest and BooToArchuleta is the same person..
    Maybe he/she just changed the nickname to support his own opinion as everyone disagree with him/her here.. 😀

  30. Don’t feed the trolls guys. Not worth the time nor the effort.

    On a lighter note, anyone going to the Singapore concert???

  31. @Sheba: I certainly wish I were! Not confirmed, yet but if I am…MWAHAHAHAHA–sorry. Does anyone know when the meet and greet is gonna take place during the SG concert? Oh and the ticket seller (lol sounds funny for some reason) gives discounts for parties with 5 persons and above, so if anyone plans to go…we might just get that discount if we gang up! 😉

  32. I have one – no make that two – things to say regarding David’s sexual orientation:

    1) Any troll, whether here, on YouTube, or anywhere else who says that David is gay does so for one reason — to try and harm him. Regardless of how you or I feel about this, the issue is that being labeled gay could potentially hurt a young male singer’s career. That is the point of these attacks. Period.

    2) I believe David when he says his “interest is in girls.” Young Mormon males are modest. They don’t generally go around groping young women and boasting about their sexual exploits. Although not of his faith group myself I have friends and family who are, and I’ve spent enough time in their company to know that David’s behavior is par for the course, so I really have zero patience for this pointless conjecture.

  33. Good grief I get so tired of people accusing David of being gay! I don’t believe he is but so what if he is? What’s that got to do with anything? If there’s anyone who’s queer as a 3 dollar bill surely it’s Adam Lambert? So what are you going on about adambest?

    Different artists express themselves differently. Usually it’s those who are rather suspect in the vocal department that needs the flashy sideshow to take attention away from their inadequacies. David Archuleta does not need any glam costume to grab the attention of his audience. His voice and singing ability are reasons enough to go see him in concert.

    adambest if this is the best that you can do to diss David Archuleta then you have failed terribly.

    Concert? what concert?

  34. adambest

    Everything you say is irrelevant:
    Glam costumes? Flashing lights? Gay? You come in peace?

  35. Sheba,
    Aah! I really wanna go! But my sisters are coming back from Aus that day, so chances are a bit low unless I go with someone else. :/ Anyways, how bout you? You going?

  36. John,
    That’s what I said to them! They replied with,’Nooooooo. Noooo. Noo. No.’

    I have another 2 options though. But both aren’t confirmed. How about you? Are you planning to go?

  37. lol han yang i had a mental image of your sisters singing, “He tried to make me go to singapore but i said no no no…”

  38. I come here to give you people my opinion of his voice and performance and also true info only. Why you so rude to me?

    Adam is not ashamed to be gay, he comes out in the open and say so. I am also gay but no problem. Why David Archuleta want to hide inside the closet and pretend to be somebody else?

    Now you all want to go to Singapore. You listen closely and you know his voice not so good as Adam.

  39. I’ve heard David and Adam live in concert before. Adam is definitely a fantastic singer, no doubt about that, but my choice of preference would still be David.

    How would you know if he’s hiding in a closet? He could be someone who has grown tired of what the world has become– people driven by the pressure of society to look cool or fit in. He then decides to act and behave in a different way for the sake of remaining good at heart, regardless of the thoughts of others, which gives people the idea that he might be gay for being too gentle and such.

    Finally, we’re sorry if we were rude to you.

  40. Rude? Rude?! If anyone was ever impertinent, it was you, adambest – not us. The cheek of it: barging into the site and accusing David of “hiding his true self”, saying that he is “not a good singer”, calling him a “little boy who runs left and right on the stage” – then telling us we were rude? Voicing your opinion – I don’t mind it, but at least do it properly. adambest, you also called us blind. I suggest you get a good perspective of yourself before you comment on others’.

  41. Ha! Ha! Bullies are always aghast when their targets defend themselves. They almost always react like adambest, feeling like they are the ones being victimized. So tiresome, and oh so predictable.

  42. I think you people here don’t like me. Bye bye. Next time I come here I tell you nice things.

  43. Hey! adambest or whatever you are. you are pitifull!!!!
    You must be infactuated with David but know you don’t stand a chance!
    We, AAMers feel soooo sorry for you.
    However, we are gracious and will accept you if you are respectful, tactful and get your facts right.

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