16 comments on “The 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face

  1. Year 2013 – my “1st awakening moment” was this song. This VOICE knocks me left, center, right, center and the beautiful feeling still lingers on & on & on.. 🙂

  2. Year 2012 – my “1st time moment” was this song. I feel so proud that Jason Mraz mentioned our country in this simple awesome song. 🙂

  3. Early Year 2003: My “1st time” hearing this song over the radio was mind-boggling. After thinking hard, I was pleased. Ah-ha! This song has the similarity melody of a korean OST, a long time ended korean tv series that I watched.

  4. Akang

    It’s amazing how music can affect us in a huge way, isn’t it? I like the songs you posted. I can understand how those songs have rocked you into a certain kind of awakening. 🙂

    “I’m Not In Love” – I have heard that song many times before but never knew the title and never heard of 10CC. Thank you for “educating” me. 🙂 It certainly has a beautiful melody. I must check out the lyrics, together with the other 2 songs too.

    “One Of These Days” is indeed very likeable. I can listen to it many times.
    “Halfway Round The World” – I really must check out the lyrics, especially about Malaysia. 🙂

    But what about happenings on a personal level Akang? Do share with us. 🙂

  5. Akang

    One of my personal musical awakenings as a kid, was when I watched the film Sound Of Music – the way those kids learned to sing – it was enlightening and uplifting.

    I myself never learned to sing of course, and don’t have the voice for it haha, but seeing others being able to do it, and doing it well, is something that can transfer that beautiful feeling to ourselves while listening, and wake us up emotionally to places we have not been before. 🙂

  6. Trace,

    The first time you saw David was at Sunway. LOL, indeed it was raining before David came out and then it stopped when he got on stage 😀 😀

    When I first met you it was at Zouk in Singapore. It was also raining, remember? Then we all got on like a house on fire and it has been burning brightly ever since.

    Oh yes, I must add that I met Akang for the first time at Sunway and we were seated on the same row while we took that ‘family photo’ with David.

    Those were the good old days. Cheers to a great friendship, ladies 🙂 🙂

  7. Shirley

    The impression I got from your comment was: it rains Before David appears, and the Sun comes out After he appears! No wonder he looked like the sun coming out from behind the dark clouds LOL! 😀
    Jokes aside, David did exude a bright light to me at Sunway when I first saw him. Maybe it was Providence telling me to stop misbehaving and be good! 😀 😀

    So your 1st meeting with me and Akang was an awakening which rocked you to this day? 😉 😀
    How wonderful! 🙂

  8. Hey Akang

    Yes! Jason Mraz incorporating Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in that song is so awesome 🙂 That was a great performance Jason gave in HK. Did he sings this particular song the last time he was in KL?

    Agreed with Trace on that 10CC’s song, beautiful melody indeed.

    If you love One Of These Days, I think you would like the acoustic version of this song. This definitely is my ‘awakening’ song from Olly.

  9. Flash back to 2008, I happened to chance on David’s performance for the first time despite having heard my daughters mentioning of this kid with a funny last name on AI 😀 : D

  10. Shirley! You did not watch that AI performance by David until your daughter told you about it?! Aiyo what kind la you! 😀

    This song I’m posting woke me up, making me realise I want to live foreverrrr….. 😀 but then –

    …”It’s so hard to get old without a cause
    I don’t want to perish like a fading horse…”

    Those are the lyrics by the way. 😀

  11. LOL Trace, never heard of David cos before that I dont watch AI at all. Yes thats the impression about David, the rain and the sun, sorry was a bit vague there 🙂

    I will always have fond memories of our first meetings and if that means it has rocked my world then I guess you’re absolutely right haha

    Ahhh, Alphaville and Forever Young. Another timeless song. This one’s for you 😀

  12. Hi Shirley

    Oh I didn’t know you didn’t watch AI. I stopped watching after Season 7. I watch The Voice now because I enjoy the judges’ banterings. Besides, they have good singers.
    In AI I used to hate some of the contestants acting and dressing silly but some people enjoy that kind of thing. Of course it’s a matter of “One Man’s poison is Another Man’s Meat”.

    I said alot of stuff in a comment I was trying in vain to post earlier. Now I can’t remember what I said. 😀
    Hang on, I’ll try to remember and come back to you. 😀

  13. Oh yes, I remember now haha! Age, you know. 🙂

    I was referring to the lyrics of that vid you posted. I’ve heard that song many times on the radio before. It has a nice melody. Thanks!

    It’s true that we should not build walls against each other and the world. We need to keep in touch with what’s going on and the people around us, without which we might as well live in a cave or just move to another planet haha.

    Since we are on this subject, did you read about the dam flood in Cameron Highlands? So many lives lost and so much destruction because of some man-made blunder. 😦

  14. Coming back to the subject of this blog, I had an awakening moment, and quite a frightening one. when I left school. Most of my schoolmates just moved on except for a handful. It was as if the many years’ being together at school and the fun we had never happened.

    I was awakened to the fact that many people just want to move on to their next phase in life without any intention of relishing the past. Walls are then built and communication ceases. Such a shame.

  15. Hi Trace,

    I’ve enjoyed watching The Voice too especially when Shakira and Usher were around. Have not been watching on a regular basis this season. Thanks for alerting me when Ed Sheeran was on as Christina Aguilera’s guest mentor.

    Re Cameron Highlands incident – really heartbreaking to see pictures taken from the disaster areas 😦

    Sadly you’re right, people do move on and communication ceases but these days there are countless ways to keep in touch only if one makes the effort. I seem to be going to a lot of reunions these days. Maybe its because the year is quickly coming to an end soon and people are making the efforts to catch up with each other.

    Anyway, here’s a beautiful song to share 🙂

  16. Hi Shirley!

    Thank you for the lovely song. It is indeed beauitiful – both melody and lyrics.
    It is what the world needs – giving love to others and yourself.

    Ed Sheeran’s demeanour reminds me of David. Soft spoken, calm and unassuming, and of course so talented too.

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