31 comments on “A Rojak Love Story (inspired by David himself!)

  1. Lol auntie Trace 🙂 You’re in an emo cheesy mood. haha When I saw the title I thought the story was going to be about the love of rojak.

  2. liying

    😀 😀 No no, this is Davod-rojak – a bit of this and a bit of that… Love it too, don’t we? Since he wants to sing a rojak-genre kind of songs, I guess the title suits him fine hehehe… 🙂

  3. It’s amazing the number of songs David has sung for us within a short span of 4 years. If my counting is not wrong, this article alone has 118! And I have not even included most of the ones with MOTAB and the religious ones!

    Ah..I forgot to include this song which is one of my favourites. Haven’t heard it for awhile.

  4. Ohmyhecks!! I’ll Be!!! asdfghjkl my heart just meltedddd…. and people ask why I don’t get a REAL boyfriend. hmmmph THAT is why lah!! David is the reason for my unrealistically high expectations in guys.

    Btw did you hear? Lady V has some David news for us tomorrow 🙂 I wonder what it is. 😀

    auntie Trace I wouldn’t have been surprised if you wrote a story about rojak inspired by David. Rojak is food after all lol. btw I’ve sent another email.

  5. liying

    No real boyfriend? Sure or not!! Hahaha….. My crystal ball says it won’t be easy for you to get one yet because! After a certain Americano-Latino, it certainly will be tres difficile (french lesson haha).

    Yes I did read that there will be some news from Lady V. New song? Let’s see who hears it first! You or Auntie Shirley! Btw where is she? And Auntie Akang has disappeared into the world of Korean tv series tut tut! And the rest seems to have gone into D-hibernation Somewhere Only They Know! Double tut tut! (how does one make an “angry” sign?)

    Did Lady V write this with David?

  6. liying

    Another article already? Woohoo!! 🙂
    About glorious pectorals…yummy 6-packs…sexy moles….??? 😀
    It will be posted after CNY, sweetie…hope it’s ok. 🙂

  7. Hey Trace, thanks for the cheese. Thanks also for the rojak! Wonder if David gets to try rojak when he was in Malaysia 🙂

    Gotta read this one more time to make sure you didnt just add in any song titles in there haha. Just kidding la, I know you’ve got everything covered 😀 😀

  8. Hey hey hey Shirley! So you’re back! After all the work and effort I put in, you’d better read it many many times over !! 😀

    Actually, I wanted you guys to catch me for anything I left out.
    Also, I wanted you guys to write an episode (ok a short one then) about anything using David’s song titles. Game? 🙂

    I don’t think David would like the Penang rojak – all that stinky prawn paste – yuck!!
    I myself prefer the Indian type. David would too. Says I. 😀

  9. Trace,

    I’ll take India rojak over the Penang ones anytime. Perhaps David would like the fruit rojak.

    LOL Trace, I read again and this line has to be about yourself “After this, I will go into the kitchen and PAT-A-PAN-cake” except I think you would cook maggie mee instead 😀

    The rest of the story is just so randomly funny. Eh, you CRAZY ka? Eat worms for David Archuleta!!!! IN THIS MOMENT you have to look at THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN is what he would says to you. Eventhough he seems like THE MAN WHO CANT BE MOVED at times, he did declared that ‘I’LL BE back’ in 2014. So carry on with the silliness cos SOMEONE LIKE YOU is just too precious entertaining with us while we wait 🙂 🙂

  10. One more thing, Trace I am not sure who wrote The Day After Tomorrow but its a nice song.

    Woohoo, Lady V and new David music! What’s another week? We can wait, right? 😀

  11. Hey Shirley

    You are good! And funny too! 😀 Ahem…you cheated though. David did not sing SOMEONE LIKE YOU…well, I guess piano-playing may be included too. Ok…pass! 😀

    OMG I forgot to include CRAZY!! You should have said “Gotcha!” 😀

    Haha Shirley you know me so well…maggi mee..pancakes..I like all of them.
    I agree with you, I think David would probably prefer a fruit rojak.

    He sang a song called THE MAN WHO CAN’T BE MOVED?
    Ah yes… just Youtubed it. Never seen that vid before. Was that in Manila?

    You’re right. What’s another week of waiting when we’ve laid our lives before him, for the rest of our lives. 🙂

    I think Lady V probably wrote EVERYTHING AND MORE too.
    Siigh…how can I mention the song and not post it? Ok…so for the umpteenth time…….. sweet memories…

  12. Siiigh…such passion!…not a good way for me to start the day…too numb to run my errands now…maybe I should stay home and think about something to write about cendol and satay.

    Did you guys see him waving to liying at around 1.52? 😀

  13. Lol he waved to me during EAM? 😀 What a flirt. haha

    Lady V said the David news has been postponed till next week. Apparently that’s when the press release is. Hmmm… a press release… curious-er and curious-er. David doesn’t usually have press releases. Not unless he’s in the Philippines. And you wouldn’t have a press release for just one song. I wonder what it is. I hope it’s nothing I need to strangle him about

    The Day After Tomorrow is by Lady V and David. EAM and Look Around too if I’m not mistaken.

    Auntie Trace, no worries about the article. You can post it up anytime. 🙂 Don’t breathe a word of it’s contents to D though. I did behave myself this time but still… 😛

    Auntie Shirley, why not we kidnap David next time he’s in town then you all can take him out for some rojak! 🙂 Or you could bring him home and stuff him with your cooking.
    I usually eat Penang rojak btw. I don’t suppose you like Penang chee cheong fun either because of the heh ko 😛

  14. I’m not very well versed in D’s song titles but here goes:

    I’ve had a huge CRUSH on David for LONGER than most people can IMAGINE. YOU CANnot count all the times I’ve wished on FALLING STARS for him to someday, MAYBE hopefully THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW to NOTICE ME. He leaves my heart all BROKEN and my mind SENSELESS with his voice like an ANGEL.

    ehhh I give up. Don’t think I’m such a melodramatic person. lol

  15. Trace,

    Yes he sang a bit of The Man Who Cant Be Moved in Manila. Well, he intended to sing Someone Like You so that counts too 🙂 Ya la, how can you forget Crazy? Didnt you shout like crazy for him to sing that during the soundcheck?

    Anyway, you’re forgiven cos despite your drowsiness these past few days you did a great job with this rojak post. LOL, you have more in store for us? Cendol and satay, I like 😀

  16. liying

    We all know what a flirt he is. You flirted right back I hope. 😀

    There’s going to be a PRESS RELEASE?! It had better NOT be a downer! Or we’ll all be there to help you strangle him. Why can’t he be a normal good kid and not give us things to worry about every few weeks!! We got nuthin’ to worry about izzzziiit!! 😦

    No, I won’t breathe a word. Your life is safe in my hands hahaha……well, not really 😀

    Heh Ko…yucks!! David would be going around covering his mouth like the “onion bagle” incident! 😀

    Ah.. so it’s confirmed. EAM and LA and TDAT are by Lady V and David. They are all good songs – I like all of them.

  17. liying

    You’re “not such a melodramatic person”??!! Hehehe…you could have bowled me over with a feather with that statement! 😀 😀

    That was very good, young lady. I liiike! 🙂

  18. Shirley

    Ya la, how can I have forgotten CRAZY! I yelled so loud during the soundcheck that I think it killed off some of my memory cells! 😀 All his fault of course!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Shirl. Perhaps I should remain drowsy all the time then lol!
    Btw I have changed my mind. I think I’ll do cendol and murtabak instead. 😀

  19. Hey Liying,

    So you’re the one that David was waving to! Dang! Trace and I were right under his nose and he didnt even care to wave in our direction 😀 😀 😀 You’d better waved back too. One of my nieces and daughter were sitting around the 5th row with Akang and they both freaked out when David supposedly waved at them. That was a fun night!

    I dont mind heh ko but too much can be overpowering. Kidnap David and stuff him with food? Haha you and your funny idea. Just dont blame us if he gets too pudgy after 🙂 🙂

    Wow, I am curious about the press release too. Hope Lady V is not a tease 🙂

  20. Shirley came and KNOCK THREE TIMES (Trace’s era) on my email asking me to drop by at AAM to see Trace’s ROJAK recipe.

    Hahahaha…. Trace, what have you done here?!! A+ for your photogenic memory of all David’s songs. I didn’t realise this shorty Latino had sung so many BEAUTIFUL songs. You are a true ANGEL among the Arch ANGELS! for compiling a list. Your TRUE COLOURS of brilliancy and dedication to AAM really shine. 🙂

    Shirley, the KL concert was indeed a fun night and those young ANGELS did really freaked out when David locked eyes with them! LOL.. hmm.. I didn’t see it and I think they could have IMAGINE-d it.

    Liying, wOW! 🙂 DONT GIVE UP on David even if you meet your right kind of guy during your college years.

  21. Akang

    Hahaha ..you are good too! So nice to see you! 🙂 I thought you have gone A THOUSAND MILES to Korea to see those BEAUTIFUL people! 😀

    AAM is like a 2nd home to me and we’re all having a CRUSH over the same man! (Oh dear)
    I’m just glad we are all gathered here to chat and moan and COMPLAIN about him. 🙂

  22. Shirley

    The next time we go to a David-concert, I think we should sit (do we actually sit?!) in the 5th row huh? 😀

    I’m sure Lady V is not a tease. She won’t be so cruel right? … riiiight?! 😦
    I’ve been speculating in my mind as to what news it could be… but I give up… think we’ll just WAIT and see.

  23. Maybe the news has to do with David coming home in 2013????!!!!
    Nah………wishful thinking. 😦

  24. LOL Akang, looks like my knocking works 🙂

    Mallorie especially would not be so happy if I were to tell her that she could have imagined that wave. She still has the pic she took with David from the Sunway encounter on her dresser. I cant help but smile each time I went to her room. That was another fun day with the best surprise ever!

  25. Its a deal, Trace – 5th row it is. Get ready to wave back (as if you need reminding) haha

    Yes I am sure Lady V is not a tease. Bet she’s just as excited cos she wrote the song or songs with David. Maybe they will release an EP with 4 to 5 new songs. I am not going to go bonkers over this one, I’ll just wait for next week * wink wink *

  26. Here is the tweet:

    ” @LadyVmusic: Dearest archies.. I received an email saying the press release won’t be until next week now 😦 booo isn’t that the worst. #itwillbeworthit! ”

    She seems pretty excited. She woudn’t tease us like that would she? That’d be eeevill.

    Hi Auntie Akang! I won’t ever give up on David lol. He melted my heart so he has my eternal allegiance. haha. Anyways if David were to come along then I might have to dump whatever boyfriend I may have at the time. 😛 jk

    Auntie Trace, you’d tell D what I said?? What did I ever do to you? 😛 lol
    I do like cendol and murtabak haha. We could kidnap D and take him to eat that instead. 🙂

    Auntie Shirley, David pointed at me during Touch My Hand 😀 I waved back so hard I might have knocked the guy sitting next to me with that light saber thingy. I shall never forget that lol. It was that part ” the one that’s shining out so bright is the one right where YOU (me) are” *sigh* see you don’t need to be in the 5th row. 🙂

  27. Lol Shirley

    I’m sure Mallorie could not have imagined that. He is such a flirt with young girls afterall – and Mallorie is such a pretty girl. Also, David likes to wave into the distance when he sings.
    I wonder what will happen next time if we “oldies” (ok don’t punch me haha!) occupy the 5th row next time and let the young ones go into the mosh pit! 😀
    Liying would probably try to pull his ….. off (not saying what hehehehe….)

  28. Shirley

    You’re not “going bonkers” for the news? Sure or not!! 😀
    Well I am. I’m not even going to post anything new until that news comes out.
    Heh heh…sorreeee….!

    “Why are we waiting….why are we waiting….” I guess you guys know that song. 😀

  29. liying

    “Dearest Archies” ? Wow Lady V surely loves us! 🙂 And we love her too…tons! 🙂

    You’re so cute, you crazy one! Dumping your boyfriend for David hahahaha….!
    I understand…I understand….that’s the way it should be hahahaha..

    Next time we go to a David-concert, we mamas are going to stand right beside you (but make sure it’s not further than the 5th row!) – just in case he points at you again – then we mamas can pretend he pointed at us and boast about it. Lol! But make sure you don’t knock into our light saber though. We don’t want to start a fire. He is already flaming hot onstage and so are we!! Lol!! 😀

  30. liying

    You were suggesting earlier that we kidnap him and bring him home to stuff him with our cooking. I have imagined that for some time. I have a little house in a “woody” and “lake-y” area, somewhere he would feel relaxed and comfortable. If we could bundle him up there for the day.. eating..singing..chatting..and you playing the guitar… I think he would be happier than just sitting rigidly in a restaurant…. don’t you think? Oh there is a running track there too. 🙂

    Ok this very old song is for dreamers like you, and also all the archu-dreamers. 😀

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