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  1. Oops, I guess I haven’t been checking in recently. Regarding the last thread, get well soon Trace! Hope you feel better. (:
    Liying, I have a feeling it’s going to be a sad sad year for me. I always get emotional everytime I’m reminded it’s my last year in school. ): Hah! While you were all at the soundcheck, I was in a tuition class. My mom sped all the way to Stadium Negara just in time for the concert. But I did watch the video of David singing Happy Birthday to Sanjana though. I was filled with jealousy… And it was even worst later on when we both took part in the same David contest where we had to get the most amount of likes on Facebook to win. No hate here, though. Just that some people always seem to have it going for them. ):

  2. Liying

    Reading your article reminds me of a certain scene in the film which I mentioned in a previous thread, which I’ve encouraged you guys to watch – Dead Poets Society. In many ways, writing music and lyrics is very much like writing poetry.
    In poetry writing, we savour words and language, and rhythm too.
    In serious song-writing, of which I have no experience, I guess it’s about savouring words and language put to music.

    From the film: We don’t write poetry or write good music because it sounds cute. But because we are part of a human race and the human race is filled with passion – it is what we stay alive for. I began to realise all this when I was much younger and loving the film DPS.
    We write music/poetry because we want to “contribute a verse” to our world.

    Which brings me to my opinion of the 1st 2 vids you posted. I guess they are very helpful for people who want to write songs that fit into the “Hit” genre. But I disagree with the fact that beauty of music/poetry should be measured by circles and lines.

    The 3rd vid shows how music of real artistry should be written. Marie Digby seems to go with the flow of her emotions when writing her songs. IMHO that shows true artistry. But it calls for talent and aptitude towards this field, which I think, liying, you have.

    How can I talk about all this without mentioning David? 🙂
    I totally believe David is made up of a brain that is music-filled. He has so much music and musically-driven emotions to give. It’s a shame that his flow of words is not comparable to his flow of music.

  3. Tracy

    I’m sorta better, thanks! 🙂

    I can empathise about how you feel re being in the last year of school. I was lost too when it was time for me to leave school many moons ago, but I think I achieved more and enjoyed much more what life had to offer, after I left. Also, hey, you can still remain a student for a few more years huh? 🙂

    Sorry to sound like a mama to you too, (I know I’ve been sounding like one to David haha) but there is so much more to experience of life after school. So look on the bright side..so go Forward March young lady! 🙂

  4. Hi Liying

    Bravo on your first post! Thanks for all the videos about songwriting especially the last one of Marie Digby. LOL at one part of her song I thought it sounded very much like a Taylor Swift song!

    Not an expert on this topic or poetry writing for that matter but I’ve often watch interviews where famous artistes were asked where they get their inspirations to write their songs. Guess there’s no right or wrong but having the ability to put words together with music has to be an inherent talent.

    Anyway, a certain line in this song instantly reminded me of David. Its quite obvious and I am sure you know what I mean 😀

  5. Hey Trace,

    Sorta better is good. Glad to know you’re feeling much better now. Do continue to drink more nutritious chicken soup 🙂

    A word of caution here – just dont go writing songs for David yet OK? You need to get all your energy back. That hit song can wait a bit 😀 😀 😀

  6. Tracy
    Aww.. I hope you enjoy your last year of school thoroughly then. 🙂 As for myself, I actually preferred college to school. I think I had more friends on the same wavelength as me. But not to worry you’ll probably meet some of your school friends in college.

    I remember the day of the concert, I got there at about 4 something and loitered around outside until it started. Oh the agony of knowing that David was so close but yet so far!

  7. Auntie Trace
    I do like poetry, and good books in general. 🙂 I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading during my half gap-year before uni. (which is ending soon boohoo)

    Usually people start off writing poems before graduating to songs. I remember when I was 6 I used to write poems. But then I started school and formal education tried to stifle my creativity. Oh how liberating these 6 months have been. 🙂

    When you’re a professional songwriter I think you have to be a little concerned with writing hit songs because you need to earn your living. If a song is a hit it’s more likely to be played on the radio and on shows. And everytime your song is used your supposed to be paid for it. And also one way to get better at songwriting is to practice and experiment with the words. Hence the circles. I’m trying out Zosia’s method at the moment. See how it turns out.

    As for Marie Digby’s method, I guess I’d have to learn more chords first. My guitar playing is worse than David’s 😛 Personally, I don’t think David is as creative as Marie (he can prove me wrong later. I hope somewhere in Chile he’s thinking “challenge accepted”)

    Btw I finished reading Midnight’s Children a few days ago. I like it but I still have a headache thinking about the message. 🙂 Oh well.

    Auntie Shirley
    I’m glad you like my post. 🙂 Aww.. lots of songs remind me about David actually. Shows how severe my ODD is. 😛

    I heard on the bbc yesterday there’s a water shortage in Chile? I wished a pack of feral dogs on him, not a water shortage. At least the dogs would only inconvenience him and not everone else.

  8. I’ve been watching dvds the whole day lying in bed and I need to join you guys chatting – can’t resist with all this lively chatting going on! 🙂


    I’m no expert in pop songs other than David’s haha, but I did like the song you posted.
    I thought about D in almost every line in that song:

    Standing in a Hall of Fame
    All the World gonna know your name
    Cos you Burn with the brightest flame…
    Be a Champion
    Be a Champion…

    If those thoughts can materialise for David, I don’t think I need any chicken soup. 🙂
    But I do wish this drowsiness would go away. 😦

  9. liying

    I really wish D would get angry with you and accept the challenge you have set out for him haha!

    I’m glad you are one of those young people who places an importance to reading. Don’t let medic school stop you from continuing your very good habit.
    Keep on with your guitar-practising too – everyone loves to watch and listen to a guitarist at a gathering. 🙂

    It’s so true that a formal education does stifle a student’s creativity. My daughter, when she was about 5, made drawings of the most creative and graphic quality, but her art teacher at school started to tell her that “a bunch of bananas should not be of a certain shape and colour” etc. and that began her “creativity stiflement “.

    I also think poetry/lyrics writing is not just a creative process. It’s also an ability and a boldness to dare to open up one’s soul to express one’s inner feelings. I went for French classes for awhile a long time ago and decided to challenge myself by writing poems. I was rather depressed at the time and the French lecturer actually “got” me – he said – your poems are beautiful but why are they so sad? So the point is: we can all create some sort of spiritual beauties by an outpouring of raw feelings if you are not embarrassed and held back.. Whether they can attain commercial success is another story haha.
    David, in this context, IMHO, just doesn’t open up enough in his song-writing, to reveal more rawness and soul. He needs to forget about “being good” and “passing on messages” but look inwards and make some really bold revelations about his feelings, without having to worry about what people think. His singing voice has taken a more raw and soulful quality which I love, that’s for sure, but his music-writing is too guarded and cautious.

  10. Trace,

    Cant help but agree with your opinion regarding David’s song-writing. We shall what the outcome will be when he’s back.

    Anyway, do you remember the British band McFly that David toured with in 2009? Well, one of the band member Tom Fletcher just posted this video of him singing his wedding speech. He’s got a dimple just like David, nice looking young man 😀 The video has more than 8 mil views already. Enjoy!

  11. Gahh. The internet is acting up again. 😦

    So we sorta agree about David’s self-concious songwriting. We’ll see if he takes our advice when he gets back. If he doesn’t then you archumamas have to go and spank him for it. 😛

    Auntie Shirley! You sure like your dimpled nice looking young men heehee 😛

    Auntie Trace, parlez vous francais? lol I can’t speak French but I was planning to learn at the Allianz Francais in KL since I had 6 months to myself but I got a job instead.
    Btw I would love for D to get angry with me ❤ That'd be so hawwt 😀 Wouldn't you agree.
    I'm not sure if I'll have time to do anything else while in med school. But y'know if D were to fall off the stage and I was the only medical student there. hmmm…lol just daydreaming. 🙂

    I have time for another post. 🙂 Would you like to read an Ode to the glorious pectorals?? 🙂

  12. Shirley

    I love the vid you posted. Makes you want to get married again – this time to a singer! 😀

    Yes I remember McFly so well – if it had not been my having to deal with my Mum’s maid problems at that time, I would have flown to London to see David’s shows in the UK! 😦

    I also remember one of the McFly members saying that, talking to David is like doing yoga. I can understand that, but I’m not sure if David’s song-writing should turn out yoga-like. Perhaps Akang could come in and give us some tips haha!

  13. liying

    Je parle un peu mais il ya beaucoup d’annees parce que je manquent de pratique de parler…. 😀
    which simply means I spoke a little many years ago but I lack practice.

    Hey you said it! Getting David to be angry with us would be so hawwt! In fact, getting him to give any sort of response other than a string of innocent smiles would be dang hawwt! And giving him a spanking would be hawwt-er still! Been wanting to do that ever since he lost AI. And the desire renewed itself when he made that announcement!

    Ok let’s make a deal. Shirley and I will do our crazy ooohs and aaahs and crazy spazzings and distract him and make him fall off the stage….then in comes Dr Liying with her stethoscope and 1st aid box for the rescue…plus Nurse Shirley and Nurse Trace to assist!! 😀 😀

    Lol!! An Ode to the Glorious Pectorals?! I’d like to see you do a whole article on THAT!!! 😀

  14. Lol maybe I should nag him a little more 🙂 He might get real mad. 😉 I haven’t written to him in a while. I wonder what he’d think if he knew there were a bunch of AAM achumamas waiting to spank him haha.

    How nice of you aunties Trace and Shirley to oblige my daydreaming. 🙂 But he jumps all over the stage and has never fallen off. It might be more probable that he has an allergic reaction actually… Just thinking. 😀

    Maybe I might have to expand the ode to the rest of him as well. The rest of him is mighty fine too haha

  15. liying

    You’re welcome to contribute an article any time – it’s good to hear things from a younger person’s point of view – his pectorals and otherwise haha. Just let us know and we’ll slot you in. 🙂

    I am particularly interested/curious at this point, as to how you have nagged him – we may even turn around and spank you instead hehehehe…. 😀

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