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  2. The first thing that grabbed me about David Archuleta is HIS VOICE. He has such a beautiful voice and gives a purity and life to songs such that it penetrates through all your defences and sears right into your very soul. And then there is David Archuleta, the person. Throughout AI7 and beyond, he displayed an amazing strength of character, dignity and class that no amount of criticism, adversity or even hatred could shake and falter. He gives me hope that despite all the horrors and negativity that surrounds us in this day and age, there are still good people out there in this world.

  3. Because his songs are really good! Besides that, the lyrics of all his songs too. Its all really meaningful. His songs are even better when it comes to Live performance! No doubt, He sure have captured the hearts of many teenagers. At his age right now, he’s already a great singer, im sure there’s more to come from him in the future too. His voice is a gift from God i’ve not seen anyone like him. The more i listen to his songs, the more im liking it. His songs are really addictive when you keep listening to it. Lastly, you’re my favourite singer!

  4. absolutely the effortless voice that he had. the tenderness. makes me trying to be a better man. he’s my role model in singing and life.

  5. David Archuleta inspires me a lot since he was in the American Idol ,i myself loves to sing,each time i sees david performs , i could imagine that if i were to have a chance to meet him up and say how much he inspires me in me trying to be indulging into music career.David has such a great influence in me especially during my singing session , i tried hard to follow every step , every little singing tones he does.So david could be my role modal in singing , i wish i could ever take a direct advice from him about singing.Thanks David !


  6. First of all he has an amazing voice just like an angel. He really sing through his heart and he has his own way to deliver the song. He is such an inspiration to many people. He is still humble although he has gain popularity and success. He really do care about all his fans and really appreciate them. Besides singing he is also a good song writer. I really love his songs and it is all really addictive and have a deep meaning. At his age, he is so mature. Overall he is a talented singer with a great personality and he is my role model.

  7. absolutely the effortless voice that he had. the tenderness. makes me trying to be a better man. he’s my role model in singing and life. when i have my down moment, by listening to his song make me better. and also his passionate about music and how music touch him with the vocal paralysis that he had before. he never give up in his first love, he found a great vocal coach and be good again. all of that, it’s like davey try to tell everybody not to give up on your love. no matter how hard it is. don’t give up. oh man, there’s so many good things that he had. humble, care, love his family and i think he understand the true meaning of love, by not rushing to have a girlfriend, he wait for the right moment and the right person. and one last thing i want to say is David James Archuleta, U inspires me to be better man !!

  8. David Archuleta is my favourite singer because he has great powerful voice. I love him because he has great personality and he is again, humble. He is just himself and he didn’t try to be someone else. He has natural talent given by God. Other than that, he is just a sweet, young boy who had worked hard for his dream and that gives me hope to work hard for my own dreams. His happy personality and adorable face always makes me laugh and makes me feel happy. He is such a heart throb, no doubt. And, I like listening to his music.


  9. Never in my life have I been touched by any artist as much as I have been by David. I support him for his music, his passion, his ideals, and just how he is as a person. His music is relevant to what is popular these days but, at the same time, it has quality and substance that’s just hard to deny, especially when you hear him sing live. How he is as a humble and caring person, despite the fame he’s been given, inspires me so much to be a better person. It just makes it so much easier to support him because you know that he deserves it.

  10. absolutely the effortless voice that he had. the tenderness. makes me trying to be a better man. he’s my role model in singing and life. when i have my down moment, by listening to his song make me better. and also his passionate about music and how music touch him with the vocal paralysis that he had before. he never give up in his first love, he found a great vocal coach and be good again. all of that, it’s like davey try to tell everybody not to give up on your love. no matter how hard it is. don’t give up. oh man, there’s so many good things that he had. humble, care, love his family and i think he understand the true meaning of love, by not rushing to have a girlfriend, he wait for the right moment and the right person. and one last thing i want to say is David James Archuleta, U inspires me to be better man !!


  11. Why David Archuleta? Previously a few years ago, I was never a good kid. I was anti-social, I never smiled and I had…diciplinary problems. I almost got expelled from school, because I tried to. However, when I heard David sing, all my troubles seemed to flow away just like that. He made me see the light, and thus, made me a better person, to be humble and to be happy no matter what happens. She has made a big change in my life and I thank God for his gift that he shares among his millions of fans around the world.


  12. Because he’s amazing. I loved his voice when he first auditioned for American Idol and I’m convinced I’m gonna continue loving it. His album’s great, just as expected. Besides the amazing voice, he’s super cute. His music makes me smile, and I think it does for alot of other people too. I’m happy that he got to share his amazing talent with the world because hey, i think his music makes everyone just as happy as me! Not to mention,I’m crazy over him, not just his music. He’s a sweet guy as I can tell, and to have that awesome talent of singing, it’s just wonderful.


  13. David Archuleta has a heart of gold and voice of an angel. He’s just amazing, a full package, if you ask me. I just love his humble, sweet and kind personality. The best thing about him is, he didn’t have to pretend to be that kind of person. He just is. I also love his smile. Whenever he smiles or laughs, for some odd reason, I’ll smile or laugh too. And of course, he’s also very talented. He has this gift of singing that can touch people’s hearts. No other singer has a voice like it. David, I wish you best of luck in the future.

  14. First of all, I don’t actually watch American Idol and I don’t know who is David Archuleta. Not until I heard David’s singles – Crush. He is considered as my first ever singer that I liked. His vocal is so mature and he has an angelic look. Well, his songs really attracted me in the first place, because I normally don’t listen to english music so much. Since I heard his songs, I started listening to more english songs, thanks to him. His vocal is not too accented and is just perfect. I never get bored with his songs. He is just so talented.


  15. David Archuleta caught my attention since his first audition in AI7. When he started singing, not only he managed to show off his voice but his personality too. Since then, I followed his journey completely throughout the competition. When he was announced the runner-up, my heart sank. But then, I knew that the competition has lifted his name up and his journey to become a successful singer hasn’t end yet. What I also like about David is that he is very soft-spoken and sweet. His bright smile brought me joy and happiness. Lastly, David is a very good role model to me and to all the boys out there.

  16. David is such an awesome guy. Never have I been so proud of someone, guess because of all along been following him from day one he entered the American Idol and to what he is now. His vocal, his personality, especially his smile …. is so true and really touches my heart. As well as feel so enlightening when listening to his songs ….. so beautiful, relaxing …. I really enjoy listening to all . Just want to have this chance of meeting him in person – once in a life time! All my family members loving him including my 6 years old son. He brings the world together and am so happy for him and wishing him happiness all the way.

  17. David Archuleta just has a awesome personality, witty and of course as humble as he’ll always be. His voice is so angelic and always in perfect pitch. Never fails me. His smile too makes me gape in awe every single time! Not only he has great talent but he also looks great. He’s cute, charming in every way and definitely eye catching. He’s also talented in many ways;being able to write his own songs at such a young age, playing the piano so well and now learning to play the guitar. Lastly, David would certainly set a very good example to all the young kids out there as he is a succesful yet humble person at the age of 18.

  18. David Archuleta has touch the heart of so many people, young and old in this world. I first saw David was during his audition on AI7 and I told myself that he will go very far. David does not only have the most beauiful voice I ever heard, he does sing with so much passion and soul. I have been following his journey for the past 1 1/2 years on all his fansites everyday without failed. There isn’t a single day I don’t think of him. My wish is to share his music to everyone I know. Thank you so much for your music, David!!!

  19. Where should I start? The tender voice? The humble? The shyness? The cool? The young? I absolutely like his everything. I had been captivated by his “heaven” in the Hollywood week. And I have been hooked since then. Weeks after weeks, I had been waiting for his turn to sing in American Idol 7. That is my life then for that time. Now after he came out with his album, I have been a little bit obsessed with him. Day after day, listening to his song, I don’t even realize that it can be so addicted. What can I say? He surely is my American Idol.

  20. David is someone that people can look up to. He has an amazing voice. He sings his heart out and never gives up. Eventhough he didn’t win American Idol, he’ll be a winner in my heart. He has a lot of fans of different ages. Even my younger sister who is 6 loves him. For a guy of his age, he has accomplished a lot in life. He will definitely be a very sucessful person. He has a wonderful personality and great looks. I would sacrifice anything to meet him. I wish him the best in life.

  21. He was the only contestant of American Idol that has ever left such a huge impression on me. Obviously, he has that amazing voice. And you cannot deny that he is very adorable and good looking at the same time. I remember how I melted in front of my TV listening to that voice and staring at that face. He also has an amazing personality. He is so mature and he loves what he is doing and is very passionate about it. It is something that I admire very much. He also cares about his fans a lot. He is simply the most amazing teenager I have ever known.

  22. Why Archie? Because he’s awesome, he’s cute and he sings really good. He is a good role model and I appreciate his songs. Both his music and him make me happy and undepresses me when I’m down. I listen to him when exams near. And I can’t get a lil too not over him, and i think i have a crush on him. His songs touches into the deepest core of my heart. He’s so contagious, and makes my heart pound so fast. If i get to meet him, it’ll be super duper awesome. My life will probably suck without him and his music.

  23. My first impression of David Archuleta is how sincere he comes across when he sings. As I followed him week after week on American Idol 7, I was captivated by his singing as well as a person. He is definately is a great role model for our young people. He showed that you do not need to conform to the world standard to succeed in a career you are passionate about. Whenever I listen to him sings .. my spirit is uplifted and a sense of joy within me which can’t be explained. David is definately a joy to behold! :-))

  24. David Archuleta is the soul that has captured my heart and many people who knows how to appreciate good music. His singing and his humble personality made him a beautiful soul. His gorgeous presence in the music industry has been phenomenon. When he sings, it seems like the world had to stop, just to listen to what he is trying to tell through his singing. To see David performing life will be a dream come true. No words can describe the joyful feeling his fans have when he starts to serenade his melody. Keep singing for us David. With your presence, the world is a better place to live in.


  25. After watching David Archuleta in AI7, i can’t stop listening to him singing( it’s like a spell!)
    Why David Archuleta? Because…
    His voice is pure and crystaline
    His interpretation makes every song unique and amazing
    He puts so much emotion in his singing and always amaze us with his heartfelt perfomances
    he is sweat, humble, modest, genuine, kind, caring, polite, funny…. (should i continue?)
    He is a great role model for all teenagers and us adults
    There are so many good things we can learn from him. He is the artist i can look up to and feel proud of.

  26. When i watched the top 5 of american idol last year, David Archuleta really caught my ettention. I really love the originality of his songs on american idol, especially imagine , stand by me and don’t let the sun go down on me. he inspired me to sing, and also inspired me in every single way. His smile puts a smile on my face too! David is also a down-to-earth guy , even though i dont know him in person.He’s always a great role model to me and everyone.Lastly, i really admire his personality and character, most importantly he’s always being himself no matter where he is.

  27. David Archuleta. The contestant from American Idol whom I have grown to love week after week as the competition progressed. At such a young age, I am deeply amazed at the huge talent that he has been blessed with. I am very proud of him because he has passion in what he does best and love doing while touching the hearts of not only the people around him but also the world. During this year’s summer, I have been given the opportunity to witness my idol, David Archuleta performing live right in front of my own eyes. It was truly an unforgettable moment in my life.

  28. David Archuleta is totally cute. He’s awesome, he sing’s well, and has a killer smile. His eyes melt my heart down and when i hear his songs i feel the energy right into my feet. I feel the beat, it is strongly hit. He’s so good that it makes me want to cry. His raw talent is just amazing to my ears. There is no other great person like him. He is so cool, even my mum likes him! He has this like-able personality and you can’t but fall in love with it. Not to mention he’s just superly cute.

  29. Meeting David Archuleta is a must have experience. He is a prodigy, a singing sensation. His music is beautiful and moving. Listening to him singing made me realize how wonderful his voice is. Thus, it is not wrong for me to say that David Archuleta is the new classic. The chance to win the passes to meet him will be a thrilling experience. I don’t really like him at first but after listening to ‘Crush’, I know why my girlfriend went all gaga whenever she saw David. I will support David’s singing career because the most wonderful thing David has ever done for us is to sing.

  30. I was never a fan during Idol days, but it was the Finale which really caught me. I felt the spirit in him and how he delivers every word with his heart. I started paying attention to his news and interviews. All these truly showed how he is really humble and its an inspiration to be to be a better person. Because I’m not even half as humble as he is although he has achieved a lot more than I have. Although he is now popular, he doesn’t just stop there. He uses his popularity to help others.

  31. DAVID.. DAVID… i would love to chant this name non stop and i’m never sick of it! why? the answer is pretty obvious. Its because there’s a star out there beyond the sky which always shine on all the archangels/archies around the globe. The person i meant is David Archuleta. He’s is such a great person on stage and off stage and not to mention his vocal range is awesome and when he hit the high notes , i can say he’s way better than other boy bands! David is such a down to earth person. He helps people who are in need. What more can i say? He’s just phenomenal!


  32. Why David Archuleta? you ask.
    He caught my attention the moment he sang Waiting on the World to Change on American Idol. And when he lost, I knew he was different to every other runner-up-he just smiled and laughed; no tears. Just David; the community caring, modest guy who will never see himself clearly.
    When David sings, he somehow connects with the song, the words that sweep me in, and the audience, making me feel the emotions of the song, thought I have no reason to feel that way. He makes me believe that there is someone to believe in. He saved my heart with his music.

    [107 words]

  33. David archuleta is a singer that i admire the most and he is the first person who made me bought an album of an artist.He has an amazing voice and he is really an awesome person.He really do care for his fans and he is an angel! I really love his singing and he is a person who has an amazing voice which can make my day by just listening to his songs every morning.Other than that,he is also very talented and cute! All i can say is that David Archuleta is really a person whom everyone and anyone will love.

  34. I suddenly fell in love with a babyface singer named David Archuleta on a historical day – January 22, 2008 when he sang John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change”. The world has changed for me since that day.
    David’s emotive and sweet voice has really captured my heart. He sings from his heart, and it touches my soul. I don’t know how he has changed other people, but he has changed my attitude towards many things. Now I’m on my way to be a better person and have more positive approach, just like he often says: “There’ll be always the light at the end of the tunnel”.

  35. Why David Archuleta?

    Because when he sings, he brings me to a better place soaring on the wings of his beautiful, out-of-this-world voice – a place with no turmoil or pain, only joy and a deep-seated peace.

    Because his wholesome, gracious, mature character means that he accepts each person with open arms, with their strengths, flaws and all, regardless of their race, background or creed.

    Because he is a hero of our times, a plenipotentiary harbinger of inspiration and hope for millions in all corners of the world – the old and the young, the downtrodden and the blessed, the poor and the rich.

    – Larissa Cheong, Singapore


  36. Why? INDEED, David ARCHULETA, the one and only who has been an inspiration to me ever since I saw him on American Idol. He has the voice of an angel and I heart his humble yet sweet personality. It would be awesome to see him live, more than a wish come true! Most importantly, he has the originality and I admire him in so many ways. Will always be an Archuleta fan, supporting him in everyway. He definitely made me appreciate music and love it more and more. You are a gift to every ArchAngel in the world including me! You touched me! 🙂


  37. My name is Hien, from Vietnam. I’m going with Huong to KL on April 8. I hope that both of us can get free passes to David’s showcase.

    I believe that David Archuleta is among the most amazing singers in the world. He has a golden angelic voice and sweet personality. He sings with maturity though he is only 18 years old. When he sings, he puts a lot of emotions and energy in all of his performances. He is a live power house. More importantly, he cares about people and likes to bring happiness to every one. He is the best model for the youth.

  38. Simply because he is an amazing guy and such an inspiration especially for us, teenagers. Firstly, he has an angelic voice and it is rare to see that much talent from an 18 year-old. I became a fan ever since he caught my attention in AI7 audition. And is humble personality really makes me love him more. Even though there are millions of fans going gaga over him, he never fails to mention how fortunate and thankful he is. I also love how passionate he is in his career. Overall, David has everything that other teenage stars do not, and I’ve been wanting to meet him for so long.

  39. David Archuleta has the most down-to-earth personality and always smiling and laughing all the time. That type of personality just light up everyone whenever he enters into a room. He is so humble with his amazing talent. His voice is really pure and who would believe that he once had voice paralysis?

    During his concert, I like how intimate he interact with the crowd and take pictures with all his fans in the crowd. He has so much talent and he is only 18 years old. Also he has such a level of maturity at just a tender age of 18 that I wish I only have that. Furthermore, he cares so much about other people that are less fortunate than him when he took time from his busy schedule just to visit disabled children. He also gives back to charity.

    David is the epitomy of all that is sweet, good and all angelic of a figure role model that we can really look up to.

  40. David just has the most AMAZING voice. I LOVE how pure and warm it is. It’s beautiful how passionate he is about music, always pouring his heart and soul completely into a song; it moves me everytime. He has such powerful vocals, and he’s such a versatile singer, being able to sing fast pop songs as well as heartwarming ballads.
    David’s also the sweetest, most thoughtful, humble and optimistic person I’ve EVER known. He’s incredibly grounded despite all the fame. He’s so polite and considerate to everyone. He’s such an inspiration. He’s touched so many hearts. And I LOVE that he’s ALWAYS SMILING AND LAUGHING. It’s the BEST THING. EVER.


  41. Why David Archuleta?

    He was my friend when I felt that I had none, he kept me sane when my world turned topsy-turvy, he made me believe that genuinely good people exists in this world. He kept me company when I felt alone and he did all this without even knowing that I exist. His singing is phenomenal and him as a person is amazing and why David Archuleta? Because he is simply magic. Sorry David this is so corny but it’s all true although sometimes when you sing and you deliver those incredible notes it’s really hard to believe that you are actually real. That’s why I need to see you live 🙂

  42. Saw him from a distance, saw him from the stage. Something about the look in his eyes, something about his beautiful face. In a sea of people, there was only him. David Archuleta. Am I crazy or falling in love? Was it just another crush? Yes, David, I do catch my breath every time you sing your heart out. I do believe that no matter how many barriers that I keep running into, no matter how hard I’ve tried when I just can’t break through, I won’t stop. I know what I’ve been feeling isn’t some mistake. He’s the one I fell in love with.

  43. David Archuleta has a great voice that you can rarely find on a 18 years old boy.I personally respect him a lot as a singer and a person because he is such a humble guy and he always try to give smiles to the world and advice that which helpful.His voice made me sing all of his songs!Guess what i have two same album of his and i don’t feel it’s a waste! His album inspired me so much because he showed us he can sing the phonebook like randy said on the show.I hope he can be world sweetheart forever!


  44. Why? Because when I first heard David sing, it felt like aural purification. His sincerity, his charm, his persona is so pure; the perfect example of a human being that reminds me that it is okay to be just me, as I am, flaws and all, and still be good. His voice is so soothing, so beautiful, so ridiculously perfect that when he took my most prized John Lennon song, he immediately owned it. He sung the lyrics, and every word came alive. And yet, he is just this boy, just David, who likes to sing. It is for all this reasons and more, is why David Archuleta.

    (108 Words)

  45. To me, David is a child prodigy, a young man with a voice of an angel. He sings from deep within his heart, his soul and let out an unbelievable voice that touches millions of other hearts. David would bring the music to live, and places himself into the song to create a masterpiece for the world to indulge in. It is a blessing for us to be able to witness David climbing his heights to stardom and see him growing stronger with his music in years to come. For me, David is sunshine and an inspiration to begin a great new day.


  46. David never fails to touch me whenever he sings and the maturity and purity in his voice is just unbelievable! He has such sweet personality and there is no doubt that he has been a great inspiration to people around the world to follow their dreams.

    For being well-known, he still felt so thankful for everything he had now. David also took part in the rising star outreach to help people who desperately need the dentist. That shows how sweet and helpful David is!

    I’m so proud to be an Arch Angel and will always be! Even though he did not win American Idol, he’ll always be my IDOL!

  47. Petikan ini membincangkan mengapakah David Archuleta.

    Ku tatap gambar wajahmu, sinar mata itu, lirik senyumanmu, Persona yang membelai, wajahmu bercahaya, memberi bahagia, tiap yang aku memandang, hatiku jadi salju, kau terlalu istimewa, kasih dan sayangmu terpancar, seikhlas, tiada batasan terus membara, terkilan rasa jiwa Inginku lihatmu di MALAYSIA, apa daya, AKU lebih menyayangimu, ku pasti kau berbahagia, duduk di sampingmu, mendengar cerita, segala rahsia, tak tertanggung rindu, mendengar suaramu yang merdu, ketawa mengusik jiwa..

    Kesimpulannya, semua pihak bertanggungjawab melaksanakan archuduties untuk menghargai jasa David Archuleta demi kesejahteraan semua.

    Saya harap semua orang yang membaca ini faham perasaan saya agar saya dapat menang!

    Sekian harap maklum, Terima Kasih!!!

    [106 patah perkataan]

  48. David Archuleta, the one name that I will never forget in my life. The 18 year old kid from Murray, Utah who auditioned for American Idol that changed his life forever and changed the life of his admirers too. Never have I seen such genuinely kind hearted kid with a singing talent as big as the universe. My taste in music is unlimited, yet I only pick only a handful to idolize, with David showing up suddenly in the music world about 1 years ago, he outshined all my other musical idol, he shoots straight up to number 1 in my list! David is The One.


  49. When I saw David sang Waiting on the world to change, he caught my attention. When he sang Shop Around, I fell in love. The week he sang Imagine I became his fan for life.
    I am mesmerized by his great voice and I can feel his connections and emotions he delivers in every song.
    ‘Angel’ – which is my favourite and I listen to everyday to lift up my spirit.
    I am charmed and crushed by his unique voice, humility, personality, adorable giggles and last but not least his good looks.
    His angelic smile & singing brings me joy

  50. Because he really captures my heart and soul with his magnificent VOICE. The one song that he sealed my heart was Smoky Mountain Memories and that was it. Since then, I followed his incredible journey through youtube; surfing various fan sites every day for months – watching all his stage performances; radio interviews; tv interviews; his meet & greet with his awesome fans. I want to sum-up David with adjectives that I know of – cute and dorky; good-looking with beautiful smiles; good personality and lastly a real genuine talented guy. I am so glad to be one of his fans.

  51. Archie was the one I was rooting for during the entire season of American Idol last year. I even got my friend to sneak in votes for me whenever she could. I cannot say exactly why but I felt that he was just this kid with a real voice, and a real heart to sing the songs he sang with so much soul and so much passion. There was no pretense, just pure joy and emotion in singing. Best part is, sometimes, he does not even know how great a singer he is. I guess those are the few reasons why I chose David Archuleta.

  52. Because he is really cute, have a smiley face and he can sing. I like all his current pop songs on his first album which was ordered through AAM. His singing makes my mom goes “moon” over him. When I heard that he was with Taylor Swift who is also one of my favourites, I was so happy but found out that it was so not true 😦 I hope I am able to see him sing Crush and ALTNOY here in KL. It would be SO great to meet him and also getting his signature on his FIRST album.

  53. He has a beautiful instrument in his voice which he showed us week after week on Season 7 and continues to showcase in his concerts.
    His soulful delivery of the songs he performs, be it covers of those by other artistes or from his debut album, which makes me believe in all things good.
    His mastery of the ivory keys. For someone so young, he plays flawlessly and effortlessly.
    He has a lovely personality which shines through in his humility in being praised by the judges, his rapport with his fellow contestants and his interactions with his fans all over the world.

  54. Why David Archuleta? Out of all artistes that I have followed, he has really caught my attention. Ever since his Idol days, I knew there was something different about him. His irresistable smile, humble personality, compassion for others, and of course his amazing voice that has captivated the hearts of many. He gives sound advice which shows how mature he is. He has inspired me in many ways. He even got me to go for piano lessons. I hope to play just like he does one day. He is the only one that can make me do crazy things just to meet him, that has got be something, right?

    (109 words)


  55. Because David Archuleta inspires me, and a lot of other people around the world. His beautiful singing and wonderful music can touch everyone’s heart. He is very talented, but he is not full of himself, because he is THE nicest and most humble person I have ever seen. He cares about people and he shows this with all those charities he’s involved. He is also adorable, funny and dorky, but when he is on stage, he is A STAR. His good looks are just icing on the cake. I can’t find any other celebrity who can be a better role model than him.

  56. Only David’s voice and smile really that can makes me weak at knees. Only David makes me realize there’s still people in this world with such a perfect combination, great voice, awesome personality, pure hearts, and adorable face. Only David makes me wanna change to be a better person. Someone who always polite, genuine, and keepin’ grounded. Only David makes me smile because his “bikini wax” awkward situation. Only David makes me saying “gosh” and “dang it” whole day. And only David who deserved to be loved by all people in this world. Really head over heels for David! I’m just a lot too not over him.

  57. Sometimes, there is no reason why. However, one reason I’m pretty sure is his voice. His melodious voice which can make me smile all day long. His soothing voice which can leave me in tears. His tuneful voice which make a perfect lullaby to make me fall asleep. His harmonious voice which manage to gather all his fans form all over the world to interact among themselves. His musical voice which can cure a shattered heart. His lovely voice which shows his humble personalities that touches not only me but millions of people’s heart.


  59. david archie has a voice of an angel that totally mesmerizes me and whenever i hear his sweet and tender voice,i’ll be jumping around which i dont know why as that just happens everytime.His humble attitude is totally admirable. He is a tremendously good songwriter although he is just 19.Not everybody can do that.In his young age,he already being at rank 88 in forbes under 25.isn’t that just incredible?His ‘angel’ song can hynotize me and make forget myself sometime. Furthermore.im totally lost whenever i hear his ‘a little too not over’ song which he co-wrote it.I LOVE DAVID ARCHIE since i heard his ‘waiting for the world to change’song which he sang during audition in AI.Since then,every single song of him is a priority for me and i need to hear his song every day.Literally,im a psychotic Fan of him and i really really really need this pass!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Archuleta!!!!!!!!!

  60. because David Archuleta is my inspiration . The first time i saw him in American Idol , i know he will be someone special .Not just because of his adorable smile ,but his wonderful voice. His voice seems to be the most amazing voice that i’ve heard in my life . I remember that time i was in the hospital because of a mosqito disease .I was so scared that i will die. During my down time ,my sister bought David’s CD for me , I was so happy ! And at the moment i heard the ‘Angel’ , tears can’t stop flowing down to my cheecks ,just like that time i know David lost in ‘AI’ . I was so inspired by his voice and i would really love to meet him in person .I love you David ,you are the best !

  61. The first time i saw him on Idol i could not forget him. His voice is so hypnotizing and mesmerizing like no other. Even after recovering from vocal paralysis, he shows no defect in his voice. Besides his wonderful voice, David has a contagious smile which could melt a heart. When he lost idol, I cried for him, I’m sure many fans did the same. I have never been so loyal to a someone who doesn’t even know i exist, thus he is special. His songs ring in my ear when i’m down and give me a lift. He makes me stronger with every step I take and is my inspiration.

  62. OH MY GOSH.




    *kneels and bows in worship*

  63. AHHHHHHH =(

    I didnt write my full name.
    This is so saddening.
    I want to get the passes 😦

  64. Oh hey Michele, he didn’t ‘lose’ Idol. Between Cook and David, it was no longer a competition, imo. Besides, look at them both, flourishing in their genre’s. =D


    Thank you so much, Anne, John, Kylie. And I don’t mean to sound silly, but does this mean I get to meet you guys too?


    For those who did not win here, don’t lose heart, go try the Radio stations!!!! I heard they are giving away passes too.

    Have a great morning!

  66. The first time I saw David in AI (San Diego auditions round), this young man really captured my heart as a genuine person and artist! His beautiful voice is so soothing and there is nothing pretentious about David. My family and myself have followed his journey from AI until now. A true star has been born. As AI judge Paula Abdul have once said to David in the show “You are a gem, can’t wait for the whole world to see that!” Kudos to Paula, you are right! David – We welcome you to Malaysia.

  67. OMGosh…………………….
    i missed this……… too sad
    my fault……… 😦

    hv to find another way to get passes…


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