3 comments on “David’s Blog From Afghanistan

  1. Welcome home, Trace!

    Glad to know that you’ve arrived safely especially since the tragic downing of MH17 happened around the same time that you flew back to Malaysia.

    Thanks for the updates of David’s tour to Afghanistan and the middle east. I didnt follow the blogs posted by David’s tour mates but its good to know that David is safe and gaining an invaluable experience from the trip.

  2. Hi Shirley! Yes. am back.
    My plane took off at exactly the same time as MH17 across the channel.
    Many friends and relatives of mine pretty much freaked out thinking I was on that flight.

    Those poor unfortunate souls on MH17 having their lives so tragically shortened.
    As David says (tho in a different context in this thread), let us cherish what we have while we still have it.

  3. What I really want to know is: Why did they shoot the plane down??!!

    What I read is the plane was flying over Ukraine’s airspace.
    But apparently, that was the route planned by the international airspace people, and taken by many planes, so why didn’t those “shooters” or whoever force the plane down if they were suspicious? Why shoot down a commercial flight carrying all those innocent people??!!

    I am so disgusted with war and conflict and people with no respect and caring for the rest of the world!!

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