40 comments on “Oh No!! Not You Two Again!

  1. Hey Trace,

    Your dogs are at each other again? LOL if Goof and Poof have differing views and etc, we Archies are no different too. We all have our own opinions and expectations of David despite our deep admiration of his personality and of cos his voice.

    I am sure fans of other artistes have the same expression of cares and concerns for their chosen stars as well. We are always rooting for David and support his various endeavors and wants to see him succeed at the highest level. I would think that is a given for other fans and their respective artistes too.

    Oh sure the simplest thing to say for us female fans is that we are absolutely taken up by his looks and personality but I am sure we are fans foremost because of his voice. Well, who could blame us, David’s the total package after all 😀

  2. Haha Shirley!

    Do you not realise Goof and Poof actually represent the different factions of us Archies? 😀
    I just couldn’t help having a dig at ourselves for wanting different things from him.

    I understand what you say that we want to see him reach the “highest level” – but before he can even attain that stage, we are all wanting him to FIT into our own expectations, whatever they may be.

    Sometimes I even see us as cartoon figures pulling him from all sides – R&B…pop…soul….slow songs…no, fast tempo songs….longer hair…no, shorter hair…and some of us get disappointed when he doesn’t deliver the things we want.

    I personally have been guilty of having such expectations before and, in retrospect, I find myself being a little too demanding and unfair. If I am a true fan, why can I not let David be David?

    As you said, Shirley, we are, first and foremost, fans of his voice. (his looks and good character are just bonuses haha!) So, whatever he chooses to sing, we should be happy.

    There again, when have we ever stopped criticising and passing remarks about celebrities? 😀

    But, being an ardent fan of David’s, and will remain one for a loooooooong time to come, I would rather let David be. Like Poof, I will place my faith and trust in him.

    By the way, Goof and Poof say Hi! 😀

  3. Goof and Poof were in serious debate,
    Upon a most grievious subject matter,
    On whether there is much to love or hate,
    Regarding the musical career of a certain Archuleta,

    Men, I believe, said Goof aloud,
    Are never taken in by his alleged good looks,
    We are incapable of such blunders and are proud,
    To be interested in no more than voice and songwriting hooks,

    Men such as you, said Poof in a huff,
    Are clearly as antiquated as the stone age,
    If you at least had a tumblr or twitter account you’d see it’s no bluff,
    That male archu-spazzers number in a large percentage, (I mean looks and stuff)

    women solely falling for the Archie’s good looks?
    This is purely a load of hogwash, a misguided fable
    It was love at first Crush, only a second it took,
    Some of us never watched American Idol.

    (Frankly I thought D looked a bit ewww… when I first saw his picture. But since I already loved his voice I was kinda stuck with him. Anyways, he did eventually get hot. 🙂 or maybe it was just hormones hehe)

  4. Bravo liying!
    I think you should write us an article one of these days! 🙂

    You and male fans galore are kaput-ed cos of your racing hormones?
    Oh dear, I for thee am here, must smile but loudly bemoan
    You didn’t watch Season 7 yet hot for this Prince?
    David certainly deserves your adoration, I’m pretty convinced!

    Blame both voice and looks, Poof would certainly agree
    It’s the whole package la, says Shirley with glee
    Rainbow MV goes to show how hot he has become
    Trust that Archulator to keep striking us dumb!

    Hey this is fun! 😀

    Frankly, liying, I did not even notice him when his face first appeared on AI, but the moment he opened his mouth to sing, I was a goner. 🙂

  5. Bravo to you two ladies! Berpantun pulak LOL!

    Wah, Liying is it true there are lots of male fans over at tumblr and twitter? So happy to know that! Agree with Trace, you should write us an article some day 🙂

    Haha Trace, yes I know what you mean about the cartoon figures 😀 I am with you most definitely to let David be. Its really beyond our control except to support him in the ways we can. Oh yes, Hi
    to Goof and Poof too 😀 😀

    Meanwhile how about a video here?

  6. Shirley

    Why does David sound so much better when he sings Live? He sounds so good in that vid. But then, I’m partial to our KL Stadium Negara show….and partial to everything we say about David…pathetic or what…

    I haven’t listened to Love Don’t hate for some time but was just thinking about it yesterday. You must have read my mind across the seas! Archies all over the world surely have telepathy amongst ourselves haha!

    I was at Aeon in mid-valley today doing some groceries, and guess who was singing to me? 😀
    DAVID and WAIT!!

    I abandoned my heavy trolley and walked around the supermarket where it was the loudest (even though the volume was quite high already). I was hoping to see maybe some perked-up faces – some fellow-archies hopefully, but all those shoppers were looking so glum….

    This is dedicated to Aeon 😀

  7. By the way, does anyone have any knowledge as to why that dang vid is taking so long to surface?

    I want it HERE to decorate and beautify our site!! :LOL:

  8. Hi Trace,

    I really love all his performances from that Singapore show. Most times I’ll pull out videos from that show to watch. So thankful we have Youtube 🙂

    You must have a great time shopping at AEON yesterday! I sure know how it feels when we randomly hear David over the sound system wherever we may be. I did the exact same thing you did in trying to find the loudest spot haha. Such goners we are! Its not like we dont have his songs on our phones, ipods, laptops, in our cars and etc 😀

    This video is for you 😀 😀

  9. LOL Trace – that Rainbow MV sure is beautiful! When its officially released you might not have the time to ‘decorate’ this site cos I am sure you’ll be busy hitting the repeat button 😀

    No idea why the long wait. Just wish they will hurry up!!!

  10. Aunties Shirley and Trace, I’m glad you enjoy my comments. Maybe I might write a post for you all before I go back to school next year. 🙂 I’m on a half year break from studies you see teehee

    That vid from Stadium Negara made me want to cry. Why is he so beautiful???..wahhhh T.T Upclose he looks especially divine while he’s performing. Thank goodness I couldn’t see him properly from where I was. Might have been killed from exposure to awesomeness. My poor non-archie friend already had her work cut out for her restraining two archies, one on each side. One of my friends wanted to jump and our seats were pretty high up. At least I’m not that suicidal lol…right?

    I’m not sure if I’m excited for the mv. Very mixed reactions from archies on tumblr. Anyways there’s the hobbit to be excited about and it’s got Martin Freeman in it. Not that I’m thinking of cheating on D but he’s from my favourite tv show. Sherlockians do get attached to their favourite characters.

    This is by far my favourite David in Malaysia interview, if not for anything but the last question: Would you date a Malaysian girl? Yup he would. And he means me lah 😛 and also if we want him to sing directly at us we should look as if we’re not paying attention to him. Such an attention-seeker. pfffft. So grab a good book and head over to an Archuleta concert. 😀

  11. Shirley

    Thanks for the ALTNOY vid.
    I do love seeing him staring intensely into the camera – it becomes almost a personal thing,
    ho ho ho!

    Somehow, I was thinking of liying in place of that girl in it (even though I’ve never seen liying before and don’t know what she looks like haha!)…..I wonder why…..I bet she wishes I’m some sort of gypsy woman with a crystal ball able to read the fututure. 😀

    Lol! You surely have David all around you. You must be wallowing in his princely-ness every waking hour….not to forget your dreams as well haha….got no other life ka? 😀
    Hmmmph! that song title says everything for us I guess. 😦

    Anyway, who am I to tease you – am in a pretty much similar situation.
    Aiya, how to go on like that for another 1 1/2 years! 😦

  12. Shirley

    Yes my Aeon experience was a total uplifter.

    I just remembered what happened in KLCC once when you and I were there and I stopped in my tracks and gasped, thinking they were playing David. It was I’m Yours by JMraz, and because David has sung it, my instantaneous reaction was, it was David! 😀
    Really pathetic, both of us haha!

  13. liying

    It’s so good to be reminded of David being in Malaysia, and that vid says alot about his heart connection with his fans. I can’t imagine why many people are concerned that he may not come back to pick up his career again and rekindle that connection. They are just worried I guess. I have full confidence he will….my crystal ball foretells it! 😀

    Apa khabar David! Hope you are well! 🙂
    And his “terima kasih” knocks me off my seat every time! I’m still giggling to myself. 😀

    You’re not excited about the Rainbow mv? Is it the orange lipstick? Lol?
    Much as I’m grateful for what the Pinoys have done for him, I feel the make-up artists have been over-doing his make-up while he was there. I suppose they just wanted more time with him – piling it on non-stop – layer after layer!! 😀
    Which I totally understand – I would have done the same too! 😀

  14. liying

    I’ve watched only the 1st season of Sherlock on dvd. It was good – pulsating – a different approach from the previous versions. Do you not like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock too?

    The Hobbit is creating alot of buzz in NZ and I read that it’s even better than LOTR, and that Peter Jackson has done an amaaazing job. Hmm…I’m tempted to watch it.

    No liying, you can cheat on David with Martin Freeman in the meantime – just detach yourself once David is back!! (don’t know how to make an angry sign, so I’ll just give you this – 🙂 )

  15. Oh auntie Trace please please pretty please with a cherry on top be psychic. 😀 Ahhhh David ❤ I'm not as pretty as the girl in the vid though hehe. How nice of you to imagine me as her. I think I would really be heartbroken if he came home and got married.
    You know, I heard apparently D said ALTNOY was written because he couldn't get over someone. I wonder who that was.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not intending to cheat on David with Martin Freeman. I'm part of that johnlock fandom that thinks John and Sherlock are really cute together. 🙂 I do like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. He's just not in this first Hobbit movie.
    I preferred Season 2. It ended with such a cliffhanger. The worst part is the next episode is not going to air until 2014. Dang it! What's with people and 2014?!

    I think D looks best without makeup. Makes him look terrible. Anyways I don't feel obligated to be totally excited about every single thing David does. Otherwise he's not going to change the way he does things because he thinks we love all of it.

  16. Lol liying! My crystal ball usually tells me the truth but now and again it’s cranky. And gets upset with my questions. 😀

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. David might think you are the most beautiful thing in the whole planet! Don’t under-estimate yourself. 🙂

    I have a feeling David would not get hitched until later in life. That’s me saying it, not that stupid ball which seems to have gone into one of her temperamental moods. 😀
    But seriously, I think he’ll wait and wait……and I think he will base his choice on realistic grounds.

    You are wise beyond your years – we certainly do not have to be excited about every single thing David does, or even like everything. Sometimes I feel like throttling him for his choices, but I have learnt to not mind too much.

    I think I prefer Benedict Cumberbatch to Martin – just based on looks. I think his face has more character. But some of my friends said he is ugly…..whaaat..!

    Where do you watch the Sherlock series? Online?
    I don’t think Astro has it.

  17. You guys know how much I like to listen and watch or read things on repeat.
    I watched that Quickie Interview again just now, which liying posted above, and burst out laughing again at his Terima Kasih! 😀 😀
    I know now where to go when I am down.

  18. Just now Tangs at 1U was playing CFTH yayy! 😀 Reminds me of the time 2 years ago when I was in Phuket, they were playing it at the mall.

    Aww.. thanks auntie Trace. 🙂 But you know sometimes D can be a little unrealistic.

    Episode 2 and 3 of season 2 showed on Betv on astro. My mom got me the box set though because we could never catch a whole episode. Episode 1 was probably Msian gov censored. But it’s still a good episode.


    Interested in becoming a Sherlock fan? 🙂

  19. Hi Liying,

    Thanks for posting that 8TV video. Its one of my favourite TV interviews from his KL trip. At that point I was so sure that he wont go on his mission cos he mentioned about continuing to do music for the next 10 years but then what do I know 😦

    Yes, lots of beautiful performances from KL. Here’s another one 🙂

    Around 0.20 secs when he gently shushed the audience, you might not know this but that was actually meant for Trace cos she was right in front of him going on like a gila person 😀

  20. Hey Trace

    You’re right, Liying would be a suitable love interest for David in a MV 🙂 🙂 He did say he prefers girls very close to his age and I am sure he likes Malaysian girls!

    Aiyo, I think that incident was at Bangsar Village, your favourite place! I think after that we went into Speedy to rearrange his CDs cos they were not prominently placed 😀

    LOL well this is the life! So pathetic as you would agree haha

  21. Liying and Trace,

    I am clueless about Hobbit, Martin Freeman, Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch. So you
    two lovely ladies just carry on 🙂

    Meanwhile, I might just have to google those names if I can tear myself away from that
    RMV! Am also trying to figure out why they let him have two different shades of lipsticks
    there 😀 😀

  22. liying

    At first glance, I read the link you gave, as “shockology.com”! And I thought …what is liying up to now?! Trust me to be vain and not wear my glasses! 😀
    I think you have a very nice mum 🙂

    Hm..why would the Msian government censor Sherlock Holmes? It’s not THAT shockology, from what I saw. 🙂

    YAY to Tangs! Ikea should be playing CFTH too – I gifted them a copy last year. And BV too.
    Everyone should be playing CFTH now!!

  23. Shirley!

    Are you sure it was ME who was going on like a gila person?! 😀
    The screaming seemed to have a Kuching accent lol! But seriously, I think it was your cool group of girls, and Jennie’s. I wouldn’t want to be caught dead by David to be seen making such a racket and had to be hushed haha! On the other hand, I wish it was me – 2 seconds of communication with him. 😀

    By the way, you lot have me to thank, for him singing Crazy in the Stadium Negara show. I was yelling for him to sing it during the Soundcheck, which he was reluctant at first but then relented………oops…a slip of the tongue about me screaming….(blushes…..heck!)

    No one knew he was going on a mission, Shirley, with the exception of perhaps his family. He is so secretive about his private and personal thoughts. Don’t be fooled by his innocent looks hehehe.
    But that’s a good thing. We musn’t pry. He has given us so much of himself already. His personal life is his.

    Yes, I remember us re-arranging his cd’s to be placed in a more prominent position. Surruptitiously but gleefully! 😀

  24. Shirley

    Am happy for you that you received your FEE. Am also jealous!! 😦

    He has 2 shades of lipstick? No la – must be the lighting. All I saw was a very distinct shade of apricot. Perhaps the Pinoys wanted to vamp him up! 😀 David is a good sport. I don’t think he fusses about what people do to him. His only concern is he sings well enough for his audience.

    Don’t worry about Sherlock and Hobbit. But catch them if you have the opportunity.

    Hey don’t let that FEE thing distract you too much. Remember to come in here as well!! 😀

  25. Auntie Shirley, that crazy was utterly crazy. 😛 I’m surprised you all didn’t pengsan right there on the spot. Thank you auntie Trace for getting him to sing it. 🙂 I could see David shush-ing someone from where I was. You both don’t want to own up? I am of the belief that the KL show was the most epic of the entire tour if not EVER!
    Auntie Shirley, if I were in that mv with D, I would spend the whole time gawking at him and that wouldn’t make a very nice mv. You two archu-mamas seem to approve of me for some reason 😀

    I think the Speedy in BV gets harassed a lot. lol Not just the two of you. Last year, my friends wanted to get me GCT for my bday. I told them it wouldn’t be in stores but we still went to check. Turned over all D’s CDs. My friend asked the lady at the shop if they had any. After a while she got grouchy at us. haha I got Adele’s 21 instead.
    You two are a lot of fun. 😀

    Auntie Trace, the episode not shown on astro is called The Scandal In Belgravia, the Irene Adler episode. In the scene in which Sherlock is introduced to her she is completely nude. (Of course lah nudity is implied we don’t actually see her nude) John gets kinda jealous of Irene and I found that adorable. Then when Sherlock was sad because he thought she was dead, John cancelled his date and got dumped by his girlfriend so he could stay home and make sure Sherlock was alright. 🙂 Cute no? oops spoilers… hehe

  26. liying

    Ahhh…little do you know. We did pengsan at the KL show, especially Shirley, who was foaming at the mouth and her eyeballs disappeared! 😀 😀
    We archu-mamas entirely approve of you because you are fun…you have brains…you have opinions…and you have a wicked sense of humour…..ok, ’nuff said or your head would swell! 😀

    That’s what we are here for. Loving David, and hopefully keeping his name alive and waiting for greater things to come from him (pointedly at the lurkers too!) and in the process, having fun ourselves. 🙂

    See? Told you that you are smart – the KL show was definitely the most epic of the entire tour – can’t agree more.

    I must tell you and Shirley about a little story concerning this.
    After the KL show, some wackos and I waited for David at the Hilton until deep into the night and managed to catch some members of his band, with whom we had a conversation. One of them (sorry I just cannot recall his name at the moment) said: “the KL show is the best show in the tour”. We were over the moon when he said that. 🙂

    Yes, the woman at Speedy BV can be quite aloof and a little grouchy-looking. I decided some time ago to do a David on her, so I gave her a broad smile every time I went. Now she seems ok. See, what a little Davidism can do haha!

    Haha thanks for the Sherlock synopsis. Yes, Dr Watson sounds really lovable. How many people would dump a date to be with a friend.

  27. LOL LOL Trace, what is going on here? Ok let me try posting the video which I think is the
    one you wanted to put up. Lets see if it works 🙂

  28. Lol Lol Shirley!

    I am half less smart than you haha! Thank you for trying. Yay! You got it! That’s the one I was trying to post.
    Yeah thanks to aniszlee and no thanks to youtube for mucking the vids up. 😀

  29. Aigoo! Oh No! You TWO again ~ Trace and Shirley?!! 🙂 Pick and choose the correct video campaign above ke? LOL…

    Trace – Funny lady! Did Shirley post the right video that you intended to do? Are you sure David heard you requesting him to sing “Crazy” at the KL sound check as I know you have a soft kitten raspy voice. I thought it was Shirley that made a brief request to David’s father at the Fans’ M&G the night before. 😉

    This was the first video of Crazy that was recorded afar at David’s first solo M&G concert in the States. I had this video on repeats. Amazing and beautiful voice. In this video, you could hear his voice has grown stronger and losing his raspy tone.

    I remembered fans has gone gaga over many fan sites then when David showed his playfulness in this video. LOL…

  30. Hi Akang!

    That Crazy vid is amazing! Thanks!
    Where have you been all this while? 🙂

    David’s voice sounds so strong. It’s a pity that, because of copyrights obstacles, we’ve never heard the version he sang during his Hollywood week infront of Simon, Paula and Randy, when Paula said it was “awesome” and Simon described it as “incredible”.

    Haha! I don’t know about Shirley asking Jeff re Crazy, but I remember when I yelled out “David, sing Crazy!!” to him at Soundcheck, he replied, “Crazy? How can I sing it when I have not practised it.” And carried on singing it as if he has practised it a million times 😀
    Hey, it must have been a joint effort then between Shirley and me. Great minds think alike! 😀

    According to you, both David and I have raspy voices then! 😀 I love it! Please say it again? hehe…
    Except mine is not kitten-like. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet. 😀

  31. Akang

    Thanks for the 2nd vid too! So funny! I haven’t seen that for some time.

    As I said earlier, David is very sporting and will do whatever the fans ask him.
    In that vid, he looked like a little schoolboy participating in a school year-end concert. 😀

  32. Akang

    Forgot to mention this.
    Yes that’s the vid I was trying to post. If you don’t believe me (oh ye of little faith!), try posting it.
    It keeps on going to the Vietnam concert haha!

    Since we already have FOUR, there’s no harm in having 1 more and make it FIVE!! Lol!! 😀

  33. Hi auntie Akang. 🙂 I love David’s Crazy. And by the way… why is David in a room full of so many girls in the 2nd vid??

    Lol aunties Shirley and Trace, fumbling with Youtube haha. 😀

    Did you all wait at KLIA for him? I remember I was busy fidgeting in Bio class. I didn’t even go to Farenheight88 that night. If only the signing was in 1U. Oh well. There’s still next time. Until then D can still sing MKOP 😉
    might stalk him to his hotel too. heehee. Back in form4 when D came for the showcase my friends and I were discussing how we could kidnap him and hide him in the closet. Logistics were a problem though. It was a school day for some reason too.

    Aww… thank you archu-mamas for approving of me 😀 It’s all very nice of you considering you haven’t met me before. I think you all are a bunch of fun, intellectual archies yourselves.

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