14 comments on “Those Talented Archies

  1. Well, this is kind of frustrating. I watched a few videos a while back on Facebook where a few dedicated fans wrote a song or two for David. I thought I’d share it here but I just can’t seem to find it. Hmmph. Where has it gone now? ):

    But there is this Facebook group where fellow Archies from all around the world upload their work and I have to say it is absolutely amazing. However, it is a closed group so if you have a Facebook account, go on ahead and request to enter! And if you don’t have a Facebook account, what are you waiting for?! 😛

    Anyway, here’s the link:

  2. Tracy

    Boohoo! ..sniff! … you really know which vid to choose to make a mama cry..
    It says everything in an archu-heart.

    ..and I promise I won’t cry
    When you go away
    Remember it’s not goodbye
    When you go away
    Just know I’m here
    Right through the days
    Smile, like you always do
    Light up the world


  3. Ok that sniffer was me. Still sniffing…thanks to one called Tracy Tan. 😦

    I’m bringing over a vid called How To Write A Love Song which was posted by liying at the end of the last thread. Good time to smile after all that sobbing!

  4. Hi Tracy 🙂 That song was written by the Vietnamese archies wasn’t it? I remember watching it some time ago. We AAM-ers could make one too! 🙂 That might be fun 😛

    Cheer up auntie Trace 🙂

  5. liying

    I wish the day will come when David will proudly say “I’m sexy and I know it”! Do you think he will ever though?! Lol!
    I love that vid, such upbeat wishful thinking from all of us 🙂

    Hey liying, why don’t you represent us to write a sweet love song for David?
    Then you could have your name splashed all over Ytube! 😉
    And David will definitely take notice of you! And forgive you all your scoldings of him! 😀
    And we will write a huge article about you! 😀

    Sometimes, I wish I were musical like that. Write David a song and the song becomes a humongous hit like Crush and he will have no choice but to take plenty notice of ME and become my best buddy!! … day dreaming….

    Cheered up already, liying, with all those jokes. 🙂
    Let’s have a sentimental tribute to David.

    Sigh..big mistake….sniffing again…

  6. Aiyoh! Trace, chin up already! Aren’t you quite the painter? Why dont you do a nice portrait of David one of these days? Would love to see the outcome 🙂

    Indeed we do have lots of talented Archies out there. I am always in awe of the stuff that they come up with especially those drawings and videos. Do you guys remember this one?

  7. Hey Shirley

    That’s probably one of the best artistic vids put up! Thanks so much! 🙂
    I remember having watched it many times, admiring the talent and imaginative ideas. 🙂

    Haha! My kind of painting is quite different, but I have done some sketches of my family members. The likeness is there, but the technique is kosong. 😀
    Ok I’ll get down to doing a portrait of David some day and see how it turns out. 😀

  8. Hey Tracy,

    That video of the original song that you posted was such a sentimental tribute to David. Was just wondering how he’ll react if he had caught that video? I can see why it makes Trace so sad. Makes me kinda sad too but nonetheless those fans are really talented.


    LOL that will be the day when David owes up to his sexiness! Such a fun video. Thanks for posting!
    Here’s another fun one. Haha cant help but laugh at this line “I shake my little tush on the catwalk”. Anyone knows if he did that while modelling for Bench? 😀 😀

  9. Shirley and liying

    I see you two really do see David as a sex symbol!!
    Posting those vids about how sexy he is! 😀 😀

    David does have a sex appeal which is very subtle and under-stated. Unlike many other artistes, he does not have to scale a mountain and yell “Hey look at me…I AM SEXY!!”
    He doesn’t need to do that because he just I S !

    In fact I think he actually plays down his sex appeal so that you guys can focus on his voice….
    Ahem!……so you two better behave….. 😀
    My feeling is David is more sensual than sexy. What say you guys?

    Whereas Tracy and I are just sentimental fools….ie judging from the vids we put up. 🙂

  10. Oh my gosh, how has the conversation veered towards David’s sexiness?! He’ll be so ashamed of you! (Maybe not ;))

    Yup, I think the Vietnamese Archies posted it on one of the fan groups or something! Well, we could write our own song but we would need a box of tissues ready for Trace. Who knows how much tears she would shed?…. Hahaha. Oh gosh, we wouldn’t even get past the first line!! 😀

  11. But David IS sexy 😀 And I’m pretty sure he know’s it. How else can we explain the flirty eyebrows or the skin tight clothes (I’ve seen a pic of D in ripped jeans too hehe) or the archu-growls. So he really doesn’t need to go out and say “I’m sexy”. Gahh *semi-pengsan*. (I didn’t finish the archu-howl vids, auntie Trace otherwise fully pengsan) auntie Shirley, I’m pretty sure D has shaken his little tush on a few occasions. He is fond of moving his hips while singing on the mic. 🙂


    I love this close up of his tummy. (with shirt on of course) Me feels like rubbing it. Don’t you? 😛 haha
    This post is from the same archie who made the Sexy and I know it vid. She makes very nice gifs too.

    Oh surely David wouldn’t mind our conversation. It’s sorta flattering after all. Haha 😉
    Hmm… well we don’t have to make our song that sad. 🙂 We could have some emergency chocolate at the ready just in case someone starts to sniff. You can’t cry eating chocolate. 🙂 You wouldn’t be able to taste it with a blocked nose.

    Btw I saw David’s Motab CDs selling at Rock Corner in the Curve for RM71.90. A bit too pricy for me.

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