2 comments on “Why David Archuleta did not sing at the Inauguration

  1. I know it would be great to watch David perform on TV again, especially at an event with potential worldwide viewership. But this is one event that I think we should count our blessings that David did not perform. I don’t know whether you’ve been following the election and all but despite the win, DT has the least approval ratings of all previous presidents and with a campaign that was filled with racism, discrimination, hatemongering, etc, a lot of people would be very disappointed that David would associate himself with such an event. Some big names were invited (Elton John, R Kelly, etc) but almost all turned it down because they wanted to avoid such an association. That was why they were left with largely unknown performers with the exception of maybe 3 doors down and Jackie Evancho. I know at least one person resigned from MOTAB once the choir agreed to perform because they couldn’t bear to align themselves with DT.

    Anyways, I don’t pretend to know anyone’s political preference and this is not a political blog so I won’t go further into it, but I think it was a smart choice to stay away from this particular event. #JMHO #nohate

  2. Thank you for your input Sheba. It was nice seeing you. 🙂

    It is precisely because this is not a political blog that I did not want to delve into the politics of a country, any country. We here are only interested in the music David Archuleta makes and also where and when he is gracing the venue with his performances.

    Whether DT is a suitable candidate for the Presidency or not, I think that very important decision should have been made by his Party and the US people long ago. Any protest or show of dissatisfaction should have been made then. Not now. Now that he has won the Election, don’t you think we and everyone should acknowledge and honour that decision? And peacefully carry on with running the country?

    If this Election was filled with all kinds of hate-related associations (yes I did follow most of the things which were posted but … ) then we must also consider the multitudes of “dirty stuff” which was also posted about the other candidate.

    Most celebrities go the Liberals line. It has always been the case. Almost a comraderie, if I’m not too ignorant. 😉

    I won’t pretend to be an expert on the US politics, or even the politics of our own country. Simply because I’m not politically inclined or even motivated. But I do suspect I have an alternative opinion from the main stream thinking.

    Drat! 😡 I knew I should have stuck to talking about David’s next music, which I know both of us are anxiously waiting haha! 😀

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