11 comments on “What Izzit about Women and David Archuleta?

  1. Nice write up trace 🙂 I have mp3 of the Women’s Conference and have listened to it many times. David sure is entertaining when he speaks. He’s funny even when he isn’t trying.

  2. Hi Abrra! 🙂 thank you!

    How do I listen to your mp3? (I’m not terribly good in this sort of thing haha 😀 )

  3. Trace I posted where you can find the mp3, but I guess the links I put in my comment sent me to comment “jail”. 🙂 Check your awaiting moderation folder for my comment.


  4. Dear, dear Abrra, you are so patient with me. Thanks so much! 🙂
    Yes indeed I’ll have to wait for a young person to come by before I can download. I went in and obviously got quite confused as to what I should do haha!

    You are truly the best, Abrra! Love and hugs! 🙂

  5. As a test ( what harm can you do? ) go back and pick a blue folder and click it.
    It will open up and you can see song titles.

    Wave your mouse over to the far right.

    See an arrow pointing down, this is a menu. Click it.

    Choose Download.

    The next screen will be a pop up box, you want to Save the file.

    It will download to your computer’s default download file location.

    If you aren’t sure where that is, from the start button ( Windows desktop) type the file name of the song in the field and your file will show in the search results.

    You can drag it out of there to your music folder.

    If you can run this web page, you can download David’s songs. I know you can do it! Have whoever helps you , show you how and then have you do it yourself. Have faith!


  6. Abrra!
    My faith worked! Armed with the detailed instructions you gave me, I did it. No need to wait for teenage help 😀

    Once again, thank you, dear Abrra! 🙂

  7. Hurrah! Now go do it again and again so you stay sharp 🙂 There are some wonderful songs and videos in the Candy Jar. I add new songs constantly as he performs.


  8. I’ve often heard your Candy Jar mentioned, Abrra. It is very well known 🙂
    But I just had not taken the courage to go in, silly me. 😀

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