5 comments on “David’s Loyal Fanbase

  1. I almost missed this part of the post and I am so glad I clicked on it…This is the most enduring and awesome tribute to David, yes, it is a tribute….being a faithful fan of David, I couldn’t have said it better than you. David is one in a trillion!! We fans truly love him, young or old we stand beside him to support and protect if we have too. His fan base will grow now that he is back on the road again, we will see to that. All of his fans I have met or watched of FB are truly huge fans and like one big family. Thank you for the great pictures and this post!! Anxiously awaiting the new album.

  2. Thank you Pat Parham 🙂
    David is worth waiting for and worth supporting. We are impatient only because we can’t have enough of him – and the sooner the better! 😀

  3. You are so right and what I like about his fans is they are willing to wait instead of tossing him aside because they are tired of waiting for something new! His fans REALLY love him as well as I do and I think that is commendable.

  4. Hey everyone!!! I wouldn’t be asking but I’m desperate!!! I really want to win this David Archuleta meet and greet! Please just click the link or picture and like the picture! It’ll take 3 second! If you all like it then that can put me back in first! Please please please!! I know its on facebook but I need as many likes as I can get. I want to meet David soo badly!! Just two clicks an done!

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