2 comments on “New Look, New Shows and a Brand New Song!!

  1. Hello AAM! It has been a long long time since I last posted a comment. 4 years have gone by and it really flew. How is everybody?? I am now in the US, I have actually been here since 2012. I’m at the University of Connecticut so unfortunately I couldn’t go to his show in Idaho since that’s pretty far from here. Anyway, I’m so excited that he’s finally back and he’s on a roll! Hope you all are doing great and I really miss you guys… We need to have an AAM reunion in the future!! So many things have changed in each of our lives but this will always remain as our little retreat from the reality we live in.

  2. Hi Irda!
    It has been a long time indeed since you last visited. So happy to hear from you! 🙂

    Yes so many things have changed the last several years. Some of us here do still miss what we had before here at AAM. Am glad you’re still a fan of David and came back to say Hello.

    Most AAM’er’s have left to do other things Most of the original Mods have left but Sheba and John still do an occasional post. I still cling on to AAM like dear life. 😉

    Perhaps John will make us a new banner now that David has done his 1st concert at Idaho Falls. Or perhaps he will wait a little longer when he can feel more meat in David’s new music when David drops his new album. We will keep our fingers crossed.

    I have just come back from Tuscany and will be on the way to London and Spain and even Japan in a couple of weeks. Glad you are pursuing your studies at the Uni at Connecticut. Would love to hear about the progress you are making. What course are you studying?

    I know we still have some silent diehard AAM’er coming in but do not comment. But I’m sure they will be interested to know more details about your life in the States. I still remember with fondness you were our best flash dance participant when we were promoting David’s concert in KL! 😀

    Take care, love.
    Hear from you again soon. 🙂

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