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  1. We hope David will one day pounce into the world again unexpectedly as you have done, John! You kept mute for so long “because of other issues” (what? what? Do tell!! 🙂 ) then suddenly, out of the blue …..
    B A M … !!! you appear out of nowhere! What a joy to see you, John! 🙂

    Will comment on your rather interesting article a little later .. have “other issues” to deal with at the moment. 😛

  2. Yes, what a troll! 😀
    But, truly, John, spazzing is a thing of the past, and we do see the past couple of years as “a desert, large expanse of sand punctuated with the odd clumps of sparse vegetation”. The problem is we got enamoured with a very young man in 2008 who had not found himself. And we’ve had to wait while he does. The marvel is we are still here, and, in my mind, that’s really something!

    I’m sure most of us would want David to “rise again like a phoenix”, but my belief is, it all boils down to his own choice. If he chooses to attain a different level of success and recognition, he can do it without much difficulty because talent, to me, says alot about the underlying factor in leading to success, albeit a different kind of success – eg he is a big success within his own state of Utah for reason of the religious thing probably, but that’s the way he has chosen to go, at least for the present.

    I may be wrong, but I think “notoriety” of drugs and stuff of celebrities has very much lost its mass appeal to many young people. We have now a whole new generation of youngsters who want to do the “right” thing. I don’t read or delve into celebrity news as such, but I’m judging from the little info I pick up from here and there Lol!

    The rise of Take That and their come-back story is interesting indeed. Thank you! The twists and turns of life are extremely engaging and I hope, by the token of some unanticipated event, David Archuleta makes a return haha! It all depends on him!

  3. In the meantime, let us listen to this from Take That. If there are better ones, perhaps others would post them. 🙂

  4. Talking about “riveting” stories of come-backs, what about the Bee Gees? Do they “stir” you up as well, John?

  5. My dear Trace 🙂

    Not sure if you know this song but it’s one of their biggest hits. It’s the song that got a whole lot of people listening to their music again after they came back in 2006:

    Will have more to comment later 🙂

  6. Trace it’s interesting that you should mention spazzing or the lack of it. I think it’s safe to assume that David has lost most of his fans from his AI days. Except for his home state of Utah I don’t think he has much of a fan base left. Maybe die hards like you 🙂 The reason for this is probably due to his inactivity when it comes to music as he looks to be more interested in pursuing his spiritual objectives. That’s his choice I guess.

    In contrast Take That has kept probably 80% of their original fans from the 90s. Coupled with a new generation of fans from their comeback in 2006 they have no problems attracting 20,000 fans per show when they tour and they are in their 40s now. Like I said in my article the level of success they have enjoyed since their return is so improbable in the music industry it defies logic and history. I think the main reason for their renaissance is the quality of music that they have produced the second time around. This group of middle aged men has written songs that are age appropriate and have managed to cast off the shackles of being a boyband and graduated to maturity and sophistication in full control of their image and musical destiny.

    I hope David manages to find his place in the musical landscape as I do think he has a lot to contribute. He is such a keen follower of music and it’s different colours I’m sure he will find a niche for himself. I just hope it’s before I grow too old to listen to music hahaha!

  7. Lol you can listen to music even when you are in your dotage, John! 😀 in fact, it’s probably the best time to lie back in your favourite old-age couch and enjoy your favourite music lol! And I do hope that David’s newer and better music will be part of your collection by then! 🙂

    It would be a shame and a loss to the music world if David abandons or neglects the listening public to just pursue his religious activities. I am a diehard (as you have named me haha!) only because I am still holding onto the hope that he will realise that fact soon and do something about it! 😀

    I am liking the vids we both posted of Take That. Perhaps I will go give them a more serious listen. I need a break from my classicals 🙂

  8. John you’re back! I’ve always loved your writing! And I love Take That!! I grew up listening to Take That. Didn’t follow them as closely as I do David cause social network wasn’t what it is now but I do know their story and what an amazing one it is. I recently saw the Corden and Barlow interview on youtube and wow at some of the things that have happened.

    I’m glad theirs seem to have a happy ending and hope they continue to have success.

    Re David, I hope he makes all the right choices when he makes his comebacks of sorts. A lot depends on the music itself. One can be the best singer in the world but if the songs aren’t up to scratch then its gonna be a tough sell. I really wish him the best cause he’s too good to just disappear from the limelight like that.

  9. Also, John, I love Patience. I think it was key in the success of their comeback. A good song goes a long way.

  10. Hey John, you remember we both admired and used to enjoy reading Rascal’s writings (yes, him!)?
    He has just today re-surfaced at SoulDavid with a long comment on David!
    (scroll down in the current thread)

  11. Sheba I have made a comeback of my own lol 🙂 and yes I saw the Corden and Barlow video too. It’s a very interesting update on the life of Mr Barlow. Like he said in the video it was time to put to rest all the shitty stuff that had happened in his life the previous 15 years.

    Yes Patience is an amazing song. Barlow used to say that lyrics wasnt his strongest point in writing but in this song I think he wrote some pretty amazing lyrics. If you listen closely the words actually convey more than just a man pleading with his new love to be patient. He has always said that he never conveys his emotions and experiences in a clear cut manner, it’s always oblique and you have to listen a few times before you get the real meaning behind the song.

    Trace as for Rascal I completely agree with what he has to say about David:

    ” A life of religious devotion undoubtedly has its deep riches and vast expeditions. I just wonder if such pursuits aren’t wholly unto themselves, and which demand a confinement of experience that limits or even denies the full flowering of other paths.”

    Yup limiting and confining as far as artistic expression is concerned. That’s the problem I see for David.

  12. Yes I too totally agree with Rascal. My greatest disappointment is within myself, that I have misread all the signs I saw earlier that he had the profundity of character to live deeper and, with his music, “suck the marrow of life”.
    Instead, his depth lay somewhere else and he has, as you say, confined and limited himself with his artistic expression.

    I am curious, in fact, very curious, to see what his new album will be like. From what I see of the pics of the recent photoshoot, I’m a little taken aback that they lack the depth and intensity which I had expected. Hm .. another misread … sigh 😀

  13. This is a little gem of theirs that I recently discovered while googling them. Yes I am a tad obssessed with Take That at he moment 🙂

    It’s a live recording of their comeback tour in 2006. Look at the huge number of fans!

  14. A tad? An under-statement, I would say! 😀

    Wow, quite impressive the attendance, I must say!
    I notice Robbie Williams is not in the show. Had he left already by then? Frankly, I never much liked him – Barlow is more interesting.

  15. Trace I’m glad you asked about Robbie Williams 🙂

    There are 2 interesting story lines regarding the comeback of Take That. The 1st is of course the comeback itself which presented a whole new set of undercurrents for the group to work out. After all they hadn’t worked together in 10 years. There were delicate interpersonal relationships to rekindle plus new rules concerning their professional collaboration. For instance Gary Barlow had to share songwriting credits with the others and therefore the loot whereas he took everything before. He had to learn to cede control over their music and let the others have a say. They finally realized that they were far stronger as a team than as individuals. Theirs is a classic example of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole.

    Robbie Williams by this time was a superstar solo artist selling millions of CDs all over Britain and Europe. His feud with the band and with Barlow in particular was still simmering and he didn’t want to rejoin them at that time. But eventually he and the band did bury the hatchet, made peace with each other and now they get on famously especially between Barlow and Williams. It’s a heartwarming ending to their fiery beginnings but their story is still evolving and changing plus they make pretty good music.I think that’s why their fans have kept in touch with them and continued to be interested in their music.

    Even now when it looks like they have finally learned to get along pretty well you get the feeling that it could all blow up again. Williams is a volatile and straight shooting character. I think he is that nitro glycerin that can easily go off if agitated too much. Given the deep bitterness that underscored their relationship in the past I feel that they are still walking on eggshells around each other at the moment. Given enough time all the emotional wounds will be well and truly healed.

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