5 comments on “Working With The Piano Guys

  1. Hello Trace,

    This is very good news – David working with The Piano Guys. Is it just for one song only? Christmas song? Or a cover of a popular song? An original song perhaps? Haha too many questions here as I am not on top of David’s news these days.

    Thanks again for posting the latest news here.

  2. Hiya Shirley

    My PC was giving me some problems, it’s ok now, I hope. How are you? Long time no see 🙂

    I have no answers to your questions, I’m afraid, as to what kind of song it is.
    But the recording, I think, has to do with the shoot of a Christ-centered Youtube vid in connection with a world-record breaking Nativity event.
    Our posting on Nov 17 has the details.

  3. It’s understandable that you are not on top of David’s news these days. You are not the only one. I guess, as long as he does not release some current music, there will be no buzz and less interest.

    But do come in even though you do not comment, just like most readers here do, so that we know there are still fans lurking about. 😉

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