5 comments on “Woah! Vids of the Rising Star Outreach Charity Performnce are In!

  1. Wow! I love this. What an absolute treat! Haven’t heard somebody out there in a long time. I love that song. Also so cool to hear the other songs as well. Love to see him make little changes here and there. His voice is sounding really strong and lovely. Thanks for sharing Trace.

  2. Hiya Sheba!

    Yes it’s lovely to see and hear David “in concert” again haha 🙂

    Me too, I love SOT and I love how his lower register, which he seems to use more of now, is stronger.

    It’s the 1st time his Prayer Of The Children is sung with background harmony, and I love it.
    Love everything else too …! spazzz …. 😀

  3. Stand By Me was awesome *thumbs up* The cold air didn’t seem to be any prob for his vocals. The falsettos and high notes were great. And he threw in some changes to make the song fresh.

    See he can inject a lot of originality and curveballs into his vocals if he chooses to which makes his covers so pleasing. He gives it the Archuleta effect and makes the song his own. This is in contrast to his last album of covers which sounded flat and bland – in my opinion anyway which many of you didn’t share. 😉

    That little girl has a very well trained voice ( I’m sure natural talent has a lot to do with it as well) and she reminds me of Charlotte Church when she first broke into the music scene. I like the fact that she didn’t attempt to sing the rafters off the roof so to speak but gave the song the respect it deserved and with the right amount of wonder in her delivery.

    Unfortunately for Charlotte Church when she grew up she threw away that God given talent by drinking and smoking. I hope this Leximae has a good head on her shoulders.

  4. Heck I’m listening to Glorious more and more 🙂
    I really love the mellow quality of his voice in this song.

  5. John

    So nice to see someone talking “sense”. Me – I can only spazzzzz when it comes to David. 😛

    “Heck I’m listening to Glorious more and more” Yeeeeeee…….haaaaaaaaaaaaaHH!! 😀 😀

    I foresee David returning to his element which he had at the beginning when we first knew him. After having spent a few years “groping about” probably even half-heartedly with half his heart’s desires lying somewhere else wishing to be his own person, but the 2 years’ away probably instilled alot of couragw in him to do just that now.

    This is the David I am drawn to –
    the David who loves his voice and who loves what he can do with it.

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