5 comments on “Glorious Music Video!!

  1. Sigh .. it is Glorious alright … a gloriously feel-good video.

    And gloriously vintage David .. inspirational and uplifting.
    And his voice – with so much conviction. 🙂

  2. I expected to see the red pants. What happened to them?
    Or are they for another video? 😀

    Just to elaborate on the Glorious vid, am I reading into it too much when I say I see David’s eyes brimming red with tears at the end of the vid? He is such a sensitive guy with so much empathy – his deep emotions from his singing are dedicated to the whole world.

  3. LOL, Trace – red pants? And now red eyes…you must be looking real close at the MV 🙂 Cant blame you, after all this is a new song and MV in a long while.

    Do you remember when we used to say that we hope to hear David sings a movie soundtrack one day? Did you say this song will be for the end credits of a movie? If so, there you have it. Be sure to bring lots of tissues with you to the cinema soon. You’ll be crying happy tears when you hear David sings on the silverscreen 😀 😀

  4. I love this. When he is singing ‘quiet’ like that with minimal production, no OTT vocal gymnastics…its like a symphony…it’s glorious 🙂

    Welcome back Mr. Archuleta (y)

    *time for a new banner me thinks ;)*

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