2 comments on “Sherlock To the Ice Bucket Challenge!

  1. Haha Trace, that was extremely funny!
    Thanks for posting it.

    And oh on your ‘Do We Know Why?’ post…yup, we dont know nothing about David’s plan but I’m ok with that…perfectly ok LOL

    Just enjoy your coming holiday. Remember the slow tortoise joke amongst you, me and akang? 😀 😀

  2. Haha Shirley! I’ve watched that vid many times and burst out laughing every time. 😀 I like that bloke! Very sporting!
    Do you watch Sherlock?

    Oh yes I remember, David the tortoise? Oh well, let him take his time. I, for one, has a mountain of patience .. well, with a few bumps and scrags here and there – as mountains do! 😀
    Hm .. I wonder where that Akang girl has gone? 😉

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