11 comments on “David And BYU And The Bucket Challenge

  1. Every year BYU has an Education Week. All interested persons can come attend classes they are interested in. The book’s title is “Campus Education Week”. It would contain a list of classes offered and information about attending. See: http://ce.byu.edu/edweek/

  2. If it’s a university, chances are that he’s planning to take up some courses there – or was invited for an event. Anyhow, seems like he’s planning the next phase of his life. Good to know, and thanks for sharing (Trace, I presume?)!


  3. Hi Zach!! Lovely to see ya! 🙂

    Yes I believe you’re right – that David is yet again planning the next phase of his life.
    And we can’t deny the fact that he remains the role model for young people which he has always been – to forge ahead to learn and improve on his life’s education.

    If he is really embarking on a uni course, I sincerely hope though that he will still spend some time writing and giving us some music.

  4. YAY! David took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 🙂

    Not sure if the link will be posted but glad to hear he has nominated David Cook 😀

    YAY also for David going to College (maybe) 😀 😀

  5. Ok just saw the bucket of water lol! Great stuff!!

    “Oh no!” he says! LOLLL!!

    C’mon then David Cook!! hehehehe….

  6. Wheeee, glad that video got posted. So fun haha

    Waiting for David Cook to post his video. Love their friendship 🙂

    LOL Trace, dont you wish the video was longer?

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