5 comments on “Apologies

  1. LOL Trace, jumped the gun huh? Cant blame the Archies at all for being overly excited over that little video.

    Cute video of the guilty dogs 🙂 Guess we will have to wait a bit for new music from David.

    Happy writing Trace and oh I hope you enjoy this video 😀

  2. beloirti

    There was no name. Just a very short vid of David singing taken from his side.

    Sounds like new music. It was quite upbeat and he sounds rather emotionally charged.
    It even sounds like he was singing in Spanish!! I liked it.

    I hope all will be revealed soon and you get to listen to it in no time. 🙂

  3. Lol Shirley!

    Yes jumping the gun.. putting the cart before the horse .. cat on a hot tin roof .. whatever hahaha..
    Sigh … David Archuleta is always messing up my expectations .. my life .. 😉

  4. Oh yes Shirley, liked that Mraz’s song. Everything he does is of some good standard.
    But I’m still pining for David’s music lor … !! 😦 😀

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