4 comments on “David Chimes In

  1. Hey Shirley,

    Thanks for posting Brooke’s vid in the last thread.
    She does have a similarity with David in that she has a certain glow about her. 🙂

    Did you like her album?

  2. Hiya Sheba

    Looking young is what everyone aims to do nowadays, I’m sure. It is very difficult to guess people’s age nowadays, with similar cool dressing .. similar cool hairstyles etc 😀

    Yes, who would have thought that someone so down-to-earth with his humour and personality would succumb to such a tragic fate.

    The other celebrity who died very young and who was such a talent was Heath Ledger, who I really liked. His performances as The Joker in The Dark Knight and in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain are so memorable. His untimely death was a real blow to the film industry.

  3. Oh by the way Sheba, isn’t it such a great disappointment that Nadal injured his wrist and has withdrawn from both Toronto and Cincinnati?!

    Hope he recovers to participate in the US Open.

  4. Oh Shirley, I forgot to add that I went through some of Brooke’s vids after you posted yours, and I found that she possesses an air of casualness with her presentation, which is quite endearing, like with her baby in the background, sitting on a mat in the garden etc.

    This one looks like she just got out of bed. 😀

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