3 comments on “A Week Of Season 7

  1. Hi Trace,

    Glad you posted that lovely picture of Brooke and David. They both looked so young there. LOL at Brooke’s hashtags. Theirs is certainly a sweet friendship.

    Very sad about the passing of Michael Johns. Life indeed is very fragile. Always remembered how Michael likes to tease David during their idol days. Another gone too soon 😦

  2. Trace,

    Seeing that pic of Brooke and David brought back so many memories of season 7.

    Anyway I bought her album when it came out back in the days 😀

    This is her first single.

  3. Aww love the pic of Brooke and David and yes they do look really young still but that’s not a bad thing at all.

    Also I’m so very very sad to hear about Michael John’s passing. I thought he was a really really nice guy and talented too. In fact every one of the finalists of Season 7. Till today it remains my favourite season ever.

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