15 comments on “Grow With David

  1. I always enjoy reading your insights, Trace! What a wonderful post and I feel very much like you do about embracing the changes in David. Yes, he is different. I think its hard to adjust to at first because for us it’s like he changed overnight since we weren’t along for the ride as he evolved over the past two years. Seeing him in this chat very much confirmed for me though that he’s just who he should be at this point in his life. I’m so happy that he’s found such fulfillment and excited to see how that comes through in his music.

  2. Hiya Ali

    Not flattering you haha but I have for a long time picked you as one of my favourite commenters at SoulD because you are down-to-earth and you have a great sense of fairness and reason. 🙂

    Generally, we embrace people for what they are and what they themselves want to be because we like or admire certain qualities in them, not because they do what we want them to do to please us. What kind of puppetry relationship would that be eh?

    For me, it is David’s voice which will forever hold me to him. Other than desiring for him to singsingsing, I have no other demands of him. Even his hair is Growing on me! 😀

  3. What did he say for heaven’s sakes? And I think he looks too ‘missionary’. Why doesnt his hair grow back?

  4. Anonymous

    Click onto the link given in David’s tweet 1 day ago on the right hand column for the chat in English.

    If you are referring to the buttoned-up shirt, it is the latest fashion in menswear!!! 🙂

  5. Hey hey hey Trace,

    How are you doing? Now this is dedication to the max…you took time out from your vacay to post an article here..old habits die hard I suppose 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying your holidays so far. Let me guess…you’re holed up in an English village watching the Wimbledon, right??? Then you took a break from Nadal to check on David 😀

    Love what you’ve written here.
    “David has embarked on a different journey now. I want to hug him for different reasons. I now see him as a truly glowing inspiration for both young and old – not in a religious sense – but as an inspirational lighthouse – for his determination to be true to himself, to be his own unique self.”

    Enjoy the rest of your break.

  6. Shirley!!

    Yes!! I am quite hoarse from cheering on both Nadal at Wimbledon and David!! 😀
    How did you know?! You’ve been stalking me huh?? 😀

    Glad you’ve been checking in here 🙂
    David is worth it. Just you wait! 🙂

    Take care. xx

  7. Hey Trace. Well said. His life, his choices. If he’s happy than I’m happy for him. Anyways, hope you’re enjoying WImbledon and having a great holiday!

  8. hello, Trace, you beautiful thing! 🙂

    Breathing fresh air at the other side of the world, eh? Thanks for the SMS that you sent to me while on a holiday. Hahaha.. I told Shirley that you were holed up in the English Village doing nothing! 😉

    Sheba, Shirley – Listen to this lovely LOVE song. I really would love to attend his concert again! 🙂
    ” Love is a funny thing, Whenever I give it, it comes back to me”….
    ” ….. Heart beat, beat so loud”

  9. LOL Trace, my somewhat psychic comment about you in an English village was spoiled when Akang gave my secret away 😀 😀 😀

    I think she’s being ‘mes-mrazied’ already cos when you texted her she asked if I had forwarded your text to her!!

    Hoarse from cheering for Chile at the World Cup too I suppose since David is quite into it haha

    Ok happy holidays once again and take care 🙂

  10. Woohoo Akang! Thanks for Jason Mraz’s videos from his organic avocado ranch 🙂
    Both are beautiful songs and I can’t wait to hear the new cd next month. Wonder if David is
    as excited too..heehee

    Here’s a heart warming video of Love Someone. Jason looks good in white 🙂

  11. Thanks Shirley. I’m totally mes-MRAZied of the above video! His new album – Yes – will be out by July 15, 2014.

    Haha.. No Chile nor Brazil but Colombia this morning. Young James Rodriguez can be hailed as the best player of World Cup 2014 and this morning’s goal was one of his best. Amazing and Awesome! 😉

  12. Hiya you lot!

    Sheba, nice to see ya! I’m surprised you are not here to watch Nadal! 😀

    Akang and Shirley, you guys are up to no good again – listening to Mraz and not David??! 😀 just teasing! Nice vids. I like JM but you’ll never succeed in moving me out of the David-camp! 😀

    Yes Akang, that Rodriguez goal will be forever remembered as the best goal since Pele’s 🙂 Truly amazing!

    Hey who says I’m holed up here doing nothing??!! Working on my memoirs, remember?? 😉

  13. Hey Amy,

    Have you heard this one?

    Hi there Trace,

    LOL no one in their right mind would try to move you out of Camp David…tsk tsk tsk, what makes you think we might be doing that? 😀 😀

    Happy writing 🙂

  14. Wow!… Shirley, thanks for that awesome acoustic song above. I have not heard of it but I believe it will be part of Jason’s YES album. Jason’s voice is so lovely, clear and pure. Loving it! 😀

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