5 comments on “Working On A Song With A Gentleman

  1. Hey Trace,

    David’s the perfect gentleman alright and now that he’s a returned missionary that would make him one of the most eligible gentleman in the LDS world 😀

    Good to know he’s actively working with people in the music industry. David must have had an enjoyable time with those two guys….everybody looks very happy 🙂 🙂

  2. Before I forget, Trace here’s wishing you a great holiday. You’re leaving soon, right?

    Safe travel and take good care.

  3. hey Shirley

    Yeah, the music! That’s what counts. Nothing else should we grouch about. 🙂

    In fact, I’m pretty impressed that he has returned to secular music so soon. (hopefully, it is secular music haha) It really takes alot of time and effort and focus to create something artistic.

  4. Yes Shirley, I will be on vacay soon for a month – leaving in 2 days’ time.
    Will try to get into Wimbledon if at all possible! Everyone is paying big bucks for it! 😀

    Will still come in if my new Ipad works haha!
    Hopefully, the other mods will post while I’m busy chasing Nadal! 😀

  5. Oops … forgot to thank you for the good wishes for my travels. Here’s a big Thank You! 🙂
    You take care too!!

    Don’t forget to alert me (a 24-hour alert welcomed!) when there is sneak peek into David’s new song/songs!!! 😀

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