2 comments on “New Song???

  1. Hi Trace,

    Archies are such ninjas! Why no song title? Then again what can we do if we have a song title when we can’t listen to the new song. 😀 😀

    Hey, are you going to see Taylor Swift tonight? This is my first Taylor Swift song haha.

  2. Shirley

    No song title?? If you look closely, it’s called SEASONS. He is co-writer with 2 other persons.
    It has just been listed with ASCAP , the organisation which looks after copyrights and stuff of composers, authors and .. hm .. 1 more .. I can’t remember what “P” stands for.

    All I can say , my dear, is you are so very impatient. 😉

    Taylor Swift??!! Are you crazy? I wouldn’t go even if wild horses drag me haha! (apologies to her fans)
    Sorry, my love, I don’t do this singer. I would rather wait for something and someone with more meat. 😀

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