9 comments on “The New And The Not-So-New

  1. Loving the Matt Clayton pictures! He has produced some of David’s best ones.

    I remember liking Casey in some season of AI (can’t remember which) but I don’t remember Naima although she looks familiar. She might have left rather early in her season.

    Great to know that David not only met up with “people he loved” in Nashville and spent some time writing there, he also reflected on the gloriousness of nature and the importance of a human element called humility. 🙂

  2. Hey Trace,

    Wonderful to see that David is catching up with his friends in Nashville. Very nice pictures of David too 😀 😀

    Nature is indeed glorious. I am always in awe of it as much as David is 🙂

  3. Hey Shirley

    Lovely vid! 🙂 Artistic! Thanks! but what has it got to do with nature being glorious? 😀
    More like about expanding one’s world ya?

    Who is Wong Fu? Malaysians?

  4. Oh wow Trace, thanks for posting the video of Sister Cristina. I’ve read about her before but have never check out her performance on The Voice Italy. Your video got me excited and I googled her and what do you know? She actually won!!!! AMAZING! I wonder if she’s got a call from Pope Francis to congratulate her 😀 😀

    So I’ve googled Sister Cristina and you can now go google Wong Fu Productions…heehee.

    Anyway, my last video has nice pics of the natural beauty around us, what? 😀 😀


  5. I think she won because the idea of a Sister singing in a commercial singing competition is considered cool. And it breaks down barriers. 🙂

    Pope Francis is very down-to-earth. Love him! I think he appreciates all kinds of “goodies”. 🙂
    I am reminded of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act. Here’s a scene where the nuns performed for the Pope.

  6. But there WAS really a singing nun in the ’60’s – Sister Sourire who won an Grammy for Best Inspirational Performance with this song which became a huge hit.

  7. Haha, as you requested (demanded), I googled Wong Fu. They are actually a group of Asian “kids” living in LA. They make vids of drama, comedy etc with music from Maroon 5 etc etc

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