3 comments on “Nashville It Is!!

  1. Great to know David is in a Good Place!

    And.. hey Shirley, from the last thread, we were talking about Nadal in the French Open. I saw that Prince was at the match last night.
    And the commentator said: ‘This is the Prince Of Music watching the King Of Clay play tennis.” 😀

    Glad to see everyone at a Good Place. 🙂

  2. Hey Trace,

    Good place indeed! At least we know for sure that David’s in Nashville now.

    So Prince is a fan of Nadal too?

  3. Think Prince did a concert the night in Paris before that particular match, and Nadal went to it. Just what I heard. 😀

    A fan? Don’t know. Won’t blame him if he is! 🙂

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