4 comments on “What A Wonderful World

  1. Hey Trace,

    You liar, you, I’ve only been gone like for a day haha. Anyways, I am with you on the Philippines rumours. On the other hand he has to go where there are opportunities for him I suppose. I won’t want to say let’s wait and see cos it’s getting very old 😀 😀

    Remember the last video I posted from Ryan Higa and what do you know? He’s friend with Shay Carl.
    Watch this. Just a short note, Ryan’s friend Kevin was on one of the Amazing Race shows with his dad. I can’t remember what season that was.

  2. Trace, I know you badly wanna hear David sings something and might not enjoy this video. But what the heck, I am going to post if just for fun haha

  3. Ouch! What a terrible replacement vid for David’s voice!! Shed a tear? I was shedding plenty and could not get to the end! 😀
    You really need David’s voice for redemption Shirley!!! 😛

    Why are we listening to what I would call trash.
    Not rubbishing you, Shirley, but I think the whole world has gone a little cuckoo!!!
    And people really watch this kind of vids??!

    David needs to come back quick and make our wonderful world wonderful again!!

    Ok end of ranting. 😀

  4. Haha Trace, apologies for ‘rubbishing’ this site 😀
    Yes, people do watch those videos for fun.
    Yes, the whole world’s gone a little cuckoo and that is why David needs to continue with his
    mission to save the world 🙂 🙂

    Oh hey, you might already know this but David has set a date in June to talk and sing to his LDS peers. You won’t be around, right Trace? If so then it would save you from gate crashing the chat
    😀 😀 😀

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