12 comments on “ONE is not a lonely Number

  1. Hey Trace,

    So right, love your motherly 2 cents 🙂 Hope David is able to sort out whatever he needs to do regarding his music career and the decisions for his future.

    Meanwhile, let’s do some dancing while we wait some more 😀 😀 😀

  2. Lol Shirley, that’s a really fun and funny vid! We need to exercise with it! 😉 😉

    Here’s a fun and funny vid too about Adam Levine’s blonde hair!

  3. You know, Shirley, while we wait and keep on waiting, I sometimes wish David would take an easier path for the time being, and do some covers.
    Then he would kill 2 birds with 1 stone – quench our thirst for some time while he spends all the time he needs to actually write music. What do you think?

    I would love to hear him sing All Of Me by John Legend. Sorry, I’ve said that before. 🙂
    But Josh Kaufman, one of the favourites to win The Voice this Season, sings it really well too – which I’m sure would be a good cover for Davod.

  4. I was just sent a really fun vid based on Rembrandt’s painting “Night Watch”.
    A different kind of Flash Mob. Fun!

  5. Trace,

    Didnt know someone turning blonde can caused such a stir haha
    Thanks for posting that Anderson Cooper video.
    Also love your ‘Night Watch’ video – such a fun and innovative way to catch people’s attention 🙂

    Another cover cd by David? Just for the fans? Maybe he has received lots of requests for that and hence that Bill Cosby’s tweet? haha, just kidding…I dont know anything ok? 😀 😀

    Oh by the way, I still prefer Adam Levine with his original hair colour.

  6. Come to think about it, Trace, dont you think its quite strange that David has not mentioned AI at all? I saw that Jason Mraz was a mentor this season. Somehow I always seem to remember that David has often mentioned about Jason so that got me thinking haha

    Anyway, cant wait for Jason’s new cd which will be released sometime in July YAY!

    Back to The Voice – I have not been watching at all even though I really like Usher and Shakira as coaches. I should have make it a point to watch those espisodes when Chris Martin of Coldplay was mentoring..heehee. I am glad Josh Kaufman & Usher won this season 🙂 Josh sang John Legend’s song so well. Thanks for the video.

    Wow, I love this duet. Have you seen it, Trace?

  7. Shirley

    I don’t know what to think about Davod not mentioning AI at all. My feeling is David seems to want to erase certain memories of the past. I also think he is still very much in his “mission mode.

    What really hit me was this latest tweet sent an hour ago:
    “Makes you think twice reading this. ‘Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed’ ”

    Why has he become so macabre?
    Is this the real David?
    Has the Mission made him change so much?

    I am so alarmed(if one can call it that) reading that tweet that I’m not sure I should make a post of it. 😦

    Btw thanks for the vids. I’ll watch them later. Thanks!

  8. Hi Trace,

    Sigh, back to pondering David but then again we know hes a thoughtful young man. Maybe he’s going through a challenging patch at the moment hence that tweet, who knows really.

    I’ve managed to watch the AI 13 finale last evening solely for John Legend and Jason Mraz. So excited, cant wait for Jason’s new cd 😀

    Dont think too much into that tweet, Trace. I think new music will come soon from what I’ve read but again how soon is soon haha…hang in there!

  9. Shirley

    Thanks for your calm words of wisdom re my worry about David. 🙂
    You know what it’s like when you “care” very much for anyone – one gets into a huff with the slightest provocation. And David happens to do that to me. 🙂

  10. Shirley,

    Just to enlighten you re some background story of The Voice since you did not watch it, – did you know the winner, Josh Kaufman, was in Adam’s team at the beginning, but Adam dumped him for another competitor called Delvin or something, during an earlier round, but was “saved” by Usher.
    Poor Adam must be kicking himself after that. Poor guy with the new blonde hair. 🙂
    I like Shakira and Usher too.

    And the “love-hate” relationship between Blake and Adam and their banter, even though it was just for show and all pre-planned, is quite priceless to watch.

    I did not watch AI at all. JLo annoys me. So does Randy.

    I watched the finals of The Voice and saw Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin. But my mind was on David and I was pretending it is he who is singing instead. Hmph .. such a loser!! 😦

  11. Good morning Trace,

    Hope you’re feeling better today. Right, I know how much you care for that stinker..sigh

    Thanks for the update re Josh Kaufman. Wow! He was Usher’s steal? Amazing that he went on to win the show too. So Usher went out with a bang so to speak. He tweeted that he would cook in his underwear if Josh were to win haha. How old is Josh? Seems like a really nice guy.

    Oh yes, love the bromance of Adam and Blake. Infact I really like the interactions of the four coaches. Somehow when I flipped over to AI, the 3 judges seem so boring. Same here re JLO and Randy!

    Oh you poor thing, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay were entertaining what? Aiyoh maybe you should just watch MoTab video to feel better LOL

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