6 comments on “Pins And Needles

  1. Hi Trace,

    I suppose David will do a vlog only if he has something to say or annonce 🙂 It was sweet of him to do a short one when he got home the other day but I think he only uttered two words ‘I’m home’. Maybe thats to please the fans but I thought he looked rather awkward there.

    Anyway, he tweeted again that hes doing something charitable…he’s keeping in touch but just not about music…what to do? 😀 😀

  2. Oh Trace, thanks for posting the lyrics video of Jason Mraz’s song The Woman I Love in the other thread.

    He’s collaborating with a ladies group called Raining Jane for his new CD. Kinda excited to hear their new music. Here’s a video of them performing together.

  3. My impression with the awkward, “I’m home” is that David was remembering how to spit it out in English!

  4. Haha beloirtoi, you’re probably right! hehehehe .. forgetting his mother tongue! 😀

    David has been influenced by his stint in Chile in more ways than one!
    Good or bad, we just want him to SING, right?!

  5. Shirley

    Raining Jane is a new song? Hm.. I thought I had heard it before. 😀
    What do I know, I don’t follow pop music much except .. sigh, you know who!
    Whatever, I liked that song. Thanks!

  6. Shirley

    I need to talk a little about this. I’m in that sort of mood. 😦

    Frankly, I think David has alot to say, but HE IS JUST NOT SAYING IT.

    Of course there are lots of rumours flying around cyberspace as to what he is going to do, but, without some sort of evidence or David himself saying it, it is better for us not to add fuel to it.

    It’s too obvious that he is making us going around in circles by talking about everything under the sun, just not about his music!!

    I know David doesn’t owe us any explanation but couldn’t he be a little kinder to us? *sob*

    Maybe it’s time to post this vid again. (sorry it’s Christina)

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