2 comments on “Exercise Patience!

  1. Hey Shirley

    Thanks for the Ed Sheeran vid in the last thread.
    Frankly, I have no idea what people mean by the word “edgy”. If you remember I posted an article as to what David should sing to have that “edginess” that many people want. But, till today, I’m still at a loss.

    David having a “higher calibre” voice than most artistes is a given, but I agree with you that what he needs to go far in the pop world, is to have “good songs to make an impact and a come back”. The reality is most people don’t care much about quality of voice, or at least, give it a secondary priority.
    I guess David himself needs to realise that.

  2. Lol Shirley, I don’t know why David has a whole load more clothes on him than Brogan does while they were jamming. 😀
    Perhaps he has just exercised and is perspiring! 😀

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