4 comments on “Pizza, Anyone?

  1. Haha milk powder for Violeta is expensive. So are disposable diapers.
    Trace, you joker!!!

    What next? Probably making roti canai 😀 😀 Then again making pizza from scratch is not so daunting after watching that video.

    David is just enjoying his time after being away for two years. He loves to eat and he probably needs to learn some cooking skills…maybe to impress his future wife 🙂 🙂

  2. The most daunting thing for me at the moment, Shirley, is to plod through the waiting which never seems to end.
    On the one hand, together with other archies, I know I need to be patient and wait for him to settle and work things out.
    But, on the other hand, I get frustrated when he tweets about “other” things.

    I guess I’m a 2-headed monster –
    – a caring, understanding and loving mama-archie – but also a raving lunatic of a demanding archie.
    Sigh .. the life of an archie is not easy. 😦

  3. Hey Shirley, talking about making pizzas, I once made one from scratch for my girls when they were still kids. They watched me while I added the ingredients.

    Being kids, they kept on saying things like “more cheese, mum!” .. “more sausages. mum!’ .. “more tomatoes, mum!” .. until the pizza turned out not looking like a pizza, but more like a 12″ gigantic burger!! 😀
    I’ve never let them forget that! 😀

  4. Hi Trace,

    You’re certainly not a 2-headed monster, far from that…it’s just that David is not making it any easier with this waiting and the constant self reminder to be patient..heehee. As for me, I am happy listening to other artistes. There are plenty of good songs to enjoy out there.

    LOL I love your pizza story with your girls! Who cares if the pizza turns out otherwise, most importantly it had been a fun and memorable day for all of you.

    Oh wait, just read that David was in the studio jamming with that Brogan guy. There’s always hope that new music might surface soon, Trace. Hang it there…go do your painting while you wait 😀 😀

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