5 comments on “A Spanish Song?

  1. Hey Trace,

    So no song writing or collaboration with Enrique huh? We are beginning to get to know a bit about David’s Utah or LDS connection in music besides his Papi or mum haha.

    Hmmm, I would rather see him tweeting about working or connecting with people such as these 🙂

    But then again, that’s my personal opinion 😀 😀 😀

  2. If not mistaken, right after AI there were rumours that Ryan Tedder of One Republic could be writing a song for him…now, if there’s a song like this it would be great 🙂

    Again, my personal opinion. Sorry for posting too many videos, Trace. Now that your house guests have all left, you can enjoy my videos from this thread and the other 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hey Shirley, good morning!

    My last house guests did not leave until last night. Oops not true. There are 2 more leaving 2nd week May. Whatever, I slept late again. 😀

    Hey those songs you posted were really good! 🙂
    I like all of them. They would be good songs for David.
    If David works with The Piano Guys, I would be over the moon!

  4. Me too, Shirley.

    No doubt it’s good to get tweets from him, I’d rather hear news about his “coming-out” music! 🙂 But then it’s still early. He’s only been back .. a month?

    Kari did send a tweet saying: Good things take time.
    We ARE an impatient lot haha 🙂

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