2 comments on “Jammin’ And Having Fun!

  1. Hey Trace,

    Good to see David going out and generally catching up with life and friends. He’s certainly not the only one having fun. Hope you had a wonderful clan dinner last night 🙂

    So it looks like David has completed writing one Spanish song….maybe with Papi’s help? 😀 😀 😀

  2. Mornin’ Shirley! Oops .. I meant Good Afternoon! 😀
    My huge clan dinner did not end till the wee hours of the morning and I woke up late. Had a hilarious time re-connecting, laughing, dancing and would you believe it – singing! – always knew David is an inspiration! 😀
    Most of them have flown back home to the US and Australia and Singapore and the UK etc ec this morning. Hm .. as the cliched statement goes – I’m missing them already. 😦

    I KNEW IT!!!
    David’s first song would be in Spanish!:)
    You may be right – that Papi helped him with that 😀 😀

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