5 comments on “A Lesson In Spanish

  1. Maybe a Spanish duet with Papi is on the way 😀 😀 😀

    We certainly won’t be hearing stuff like this from David but thought I post this video just for fun 🙂

  2. Hey Trace,

    I gave you Pope Francis’ twitter handle just in case la.

    Totally agree with you on David being fearless in your last comment. Haha if you guys don’t like it, just lump it! To a certain extent I do think that is how he feels.

    I think you will have a session of ‘happy crying’ when David has his first concert in KL, never mind whichever musical direction he’ll be heading 🙂 🙂

  3. Lol Shirley! 😀

    I love your humour in this thread! Well I love all of it these few years, but today is special. Maybe I’m going through too much happycrying (I don’t need a KL concert to do that – well, I can always do it again when he is here haha!). I don’t know whether to cry or smile since David is tweeting everyday – and I can’t find the time to cope and post! Tears and smiles!! 😦 😀

    “Talk Dirty?” ?! I don’t think David even Thinks Dirty lol!! Anyway thanks for that dirty vid hahaha..

  4. Hahaha … a Spanish duet with Papi! Love the thought.

    Or a duet with Pope Francis? Shall I tweet him (now that you’ve given me his twitter) and ask him? 😀
    David Archuleta and Papam Francesco will exude enough energy to make this song even better!
    (No, I’m not drunk. Just feelin’ silly this morning 😉 )

  5. I’m glad you agree with me that that’s his feelings, Shirley.
    I’ve always thought him to be a “rebel” though not many agreed with me. By “rebel”. I don’t mean the crazy “motorbike” type or someone who has no respect for authority. He just wants to live a life or have a career he thinks is a “feel good” and a “feel right” for him.

    I have tremendous admiration for that kind of thinking. 🙂

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