4 comments on “Gathering Strength From Adversity

  1. LOL Trace, indeed where are those bicycles??? 😀

    Thanks for posting this article. Pretty sure he will do fine after this.

    Somehow this song comes to mind 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Nice song!
    But who are you?! You know me and I don’t know you. Not fair! 😀
    Reveal thyself! 😀

    I hope you are right – that he’ll be fine after this. Some beloved AAM’ers are afraid that he may be doing just gospel songs from now on.

  3. Aiyoh Trace, sorry didnt notice that I was anonymous there. You really do not have an inkling at all that it was me? 🙂

    Hmmm doing gospel songs? Well David is a free man, he can do what he wants and besides anything is a possibility. With that said, Archies will definitely want him to have a successful mainstream music career. Again, only time will tell.

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