3 comments on “Back To “Normal”?

  1. Nice pic of David and his sis, Trace. He does look a bit thin. Perhaps his short hair makes him look that way. Anyway, I am completely ok with whatever hair styles he will be spotting…botak also no problem haha

    Only time will tell how well David will transition into the new normal. LOL he still love his animated movies 😀

  2. Yes Shirl, only time will tell one thing or the other. But, like many others, I actually enjoy speculating including about David! 😀

    He said something (which I think is an extract from the Called To Serve vid) like “he is not afraid to show people what he believes in and who he is” – that gives me the strong impression that David could be turning into a person with firmer beliefs – thus the look of placidity and the “knowing” look.

    I only hope that he is not just referring to his religious beliefs. A belief in his ability to do great badass secular music would be welcomed too. 🙂

  3. Oh btw, I love animated movies too. And I’m much much much older than David! 😀

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