23 comments on “Welcome Back, David (Still Here)

  1. The funny thing is, it’s strange looking at old pictures of David with hair. Guess I got used to seeing snippets of him with missionary hair the last 2 years. lol! 🙂

    Definitely still here!
    Sheba, I was half expecting to see your pic in that vid. Or did I miss it? 🙂
    Archies are not just go-getters – they are fast workers too. That touching vid reminds me of old times – looking forward to even better times! 🙂

  2. Haha Trace, his hair will grow fast. Bet cha the next vlog he will spot longer hair 🙂

    Congrats once again to David for completing a successful mission and to all the Archies who are still here.
    Cheers 🙂

  3. Haha Shirley, that vid is “disabled by request”, whatever it means, but I found it on Ytube. Let’s see if I can post it after this.

    Nothing short of spectacular – that performance by Take That – flames and foreworks always render a performance much splendour. Great vid to celebrate David’s return. 🙂

  4. Oops .. I’m not much better than you, Shirley. LOL! Didn’t work either, well, not on my computer.

    Let’s listen to Back For Good instead. Hmm .. to be dedicated to David! 😀

  5. Hey Shirley, if I remember well, you posted this vid once not too long ago. Let’s post it again – it seems like a very good time to have it for all the Archies! 🙂

  6. Hey Shirley, Haha… hope you could now un-Olly-fied yourself since David is Back For Good. 😀

  7. And this is me singing to David’s voice! 😉 😀

    Akang, what song would you sing to David at this moment? 🙂

  8. Trace, 😀 That was certainly a perfect song for Shirley to sing… ;D

    My song for David is this:-

  9. Akang

    That’s a good song for David from you.

    “So good looking you seem to be
    But you’re too tongue-tied to say Hi to me
    You could make it happen so easily …”

    Hope David hears your words. 😀

  10. Akang

    Nooo … don’t make things worse for Shirley! She should sing this to Olly. 😛 😀

  11. You guys might want to watch this archie squeee-ing about David’s Return. Be warned – she is pretty OTT lol! Just like old times! 😀

  12. LOL Ladies, nooooo way am I singing that song to David even if I have a voice of an angel 😀 😀

    Oh my gosh, you both make my day with the videos dedication but what else can we do while we are still waiting. So keep them coming.

    Trace, this could be another song you can add to your song list for David 🙂 🙂

  13. Woohoo Akang, kam sa hae yo (hope I got that right), love that fun video of Olly and Niall!

    This short video makes me think of the 3 of us if we dare to perform for David. Trace will be playing the piano cos I know she can and the two of us will croak our way through haha

  14. Oi Akang, still shy boy ka? Here’s the song I’ve chosen for you for David 🙂 🙂

    Perhaps you can sing in Korean if you are too shy 😀 😀 😀

  15. Trace,

    Good to see the excitement of that young lady. Very happy for David that he still has young fans which I am sure are waiting for new developments soon.

    Only time will tell what the outcome will be. We can only hope for the best for David.

  16. Love reading all the super buzz going on about David! 🙂
    Go to FOD and read all about it.

  17. “I’m Yours” ?! … “Relight My Fire”?!

    Hehehe … lol Shirley! This is beginning to sound a tad suggestive 😀 😀

    Got to rush off. Will come back and search for more vids to contunue this musical circus! 😀 😀

  18. Yo Shirley, LOL… oh boy! thanks for that disco-sounding song!

    I think all ODD Archies would love this song including YOU, Shirley. I remembered you had a dream once being…… listen to the song.. 😀

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