13 comments on “Archangels Buzzing

  1. Akang and Shirley

    Thank you for posting all those vids in the last thread – Tracy Chapman (Love that!) .. Daughtry (great song) and Will Smith and Jimmy Dallon doing the Dougie which gave me stitches! 😀

    Of course, to top it all, thank you Shirley for posting David’s latest vid – you always beat us to it, the amazing ninja that you are! 🙂

  2. LOL Trace, the Archie fandom is indeed buzzing big time now that the homecoming date is drawing near. Bet we can expect more stuff from Kari in these coming days 🙂

    I heard this nice song on the radio a few days ago and Enrique does have a rather distinctive voice. Pretty sure we were singing out of tune during David’s concert as well 😀

  3. Shirley and Akang

    Good morning! Thank you for the lovely vids. Love them both! 🙂

    Going away for a few days – gotta put myself together before David comes back tee hee …
    Enjoy the music you guys will be sharing. 🙂

  4. Day 10

    Hey Trace,

    Have a good break! Oh are you going away to join the Welcome Back Party? Haha just had to ask that 🙂 🙂

    Hope you’re able to watch this video 😀

  5. Ooops…I mean this particular video, Trace 🙂

    Hey Akang, that Sexy Back video is meant for us hahaha

  6. Shirley – Love your video above! Ahh… can’t wait for Part 2… 😀

    End Day 8 with this soothing song:- 🙂

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