4 comments on “Can Somebody Out There Please Bring David Archuleta Back Soon?!

  1. Woohoo Trace, its the last stretch now! Less than a month to go. Keep yourself occupied as it will make the time go so much faster : D

  2. First, let me start off by apologizing for my prolonged absence. SPM was crazy last year and college is even crazier now. However, there should be no excuse for David’s sake. 😛

    I’m afraid I am guilty of not checking in as often as I should. Granted, I haven’t actually been keeping tabs on the latest happenings with David. Heh heh… But, David has never left my mind though. 😉 I assume it would be the same for most of you?

    To be honest, I was only recently aware of the fact that David would be returning in less than a month (hopefully?) A lot of the fans have been posting their updated counters and boy oh boy, are we getting close to the end?! I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT!!!! 😀

    Think of all the possible upcoming events! Music videos, albums, vlogs, and TOURS!! Plus, imagine when David finally tweets something from his Twitter account!


    Okay, bye. *for now* 😉

    P.S.: Hats off to you, Trace for consistently updating the site and constantly entertaining us all. Your creativity and dedication knows no bounds.

  3. Tracy!!

    What a bombshell of a surprise to hear from you out of the blue – well, it’s not really “out of the blue” as such – it’s “out of David coming back” RIGHT??! lol!! 😛
    Anyway you’re forgiven since you said “David has never left your mind”. 🙂

    I’m glad though that SPM and college have kept you busy and out of mischief! 😀
    When you have a little time especially after David’s return, you will grace us with an article or two like you used to do? 🙂 (sweet smile)

    It’s been fun writing for David for the last 2 years or so, but it has also been exasperating since there has been no substantial news. I’ve had to resort to teasings and silly jokes about David – I hope David doesn’t mind tee hee….!
    It’s all out of love for The Lovable One – hope he loves us all back by giving us really good music from now on. 🙂

  4. Shirley!

    Yes it’s the last leg of our waiting journey – it feels rather surreal though. And I’m just getting used to his short hair hahaha!

    Yes I’m keeping myself busy – occupied with my flu actually – sleeping most of the time! 😀

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