8 comments on “David Reborn

  1. Hi Trace,

    David certainly has a very interesting life…”From Star Search to Idol to Rockstar to Mormon Missionary, he has been reborn as many times as his apparent need of it.”

    So the wait will be over soon. Congrats to you for doing an awesome job here and to all the Archies in waiting. I can almost hear a huge collective squeal from all the fans when David steps his feet on US soil once again 😀

  2. Hey Shirley

    Have a good holiday Down Under! 🙂

    Yes I’m still gobsmacked by the fact that most archies have been so patient in waiting for him. I’m also fervently hoping that the rest who have “sauntered” away during his absence, will come gushing back once his new music hits them right between the eyes. 😀

  3. Love this…thanks. “It’s an endless ride, sometimes it takes you up, sometimes it tears you down inside.” Just like LIFE, David takes me on a JOURNEY. Still here, and can’t wait for the next chapter in his life to BEGIN.

  4. Pabuckie

    Indeed it is – an endless ride, just like LIFE.
    “So I would choose to be with him” – despite all the heartaches and heartbreaks…. and waiting.

  5. Hi Trace,

    Thanks and I’m just starting to get into the holiday mood. Am not used to having holidays at this time of the year 🙂

    David’s new music better be good enough to smack people right between the eyes to gain himself new fans and to bring the lost ones back 😀 😀 Pretty sure he’s able to do that with the right team behind him.

  6. Hey Shirley

    Think of David having his 2-year holiday and enjoy yours! 😉 😀

    David has had some pretty good songs in the past which became “missed opportunities” because of the lack of “the right team” (like you said) behind him.
    Such a shame, songs like: Works For Me and Somebody Out There. My opinion is they were good quality songs which were not given a proper promotion.

    Anyway, to get closer to the spirit of this blog, I believe David will achieve greater success as he strives towards it and goes through his many rebirths. There is no possibility whatsoever for him to fade and dwindle away. Don’t ask me why I believe so. Maybe I’m slightly psychic! 😉 😀

  7. Haha Trace, yes you’re a slightly loopy psychic 🙂 🙂

    Jokes aside, I do agree with you about Somebody Out There and Works For Me. I do think Waiting For Yesterday is a good one too. Oh well, all water under the bridge now.

    Lets hope there wont be anymore missed opportunities for David after his return.

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