10 comments on “No Words …

  1. Hello Trace,

    Dont ya worry, he’ll be back in no time :). Here’s a song for you. Hope it doesnt make you miss your girls too much.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Hi Shirley!

    You do post some really lovely songs! That was beautiful. Thank you! 🙂

    Yeah, I’m going through a period of missing my girls and nieces who have gone back to their respective homes overseas ,, and of course, David.

    Every post now (here and everywhere) seems redundant and rather boring since everyone is just waiting with bated breath for his return, and for some sort of real news, not re-churning stale news and old vids and pics. Not complaining or grouching – what else can all the D-sites do – just impatiently holding one’s breath I guess. 🙂

    My melancholy this morning led me to this vid. Nice song and meerkats amuse me. 🙂

  3. Hey just wondering if you guys are watching AI.
    As we’ve been saying for some time, the show ihas been one big yawn for several years.
    I took a peek this week – yes, it’s still one big yawn 😀 Wondering when it will end.

    Never liked JLo I’m afraid.
    Keith Urban is still that nice guy and still looking pretty cute. I don’t listen to his music.
    Harry has always been my vote for being likeable, personable and actually knows about music and analysing it.

    David needs to come back in time to sing in the Results show maybe? That would be really something to wake me up about the show! 😀

  4. Happy Sunday to you Trace 🙂

    Love your meerkat video. That song Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars is a nice song from the Hunger Games soundtrack though I must admit I like the movie more than the song 😀

    You’re right about re-churning old stale news and etc but sometimes it’s nice to reminisce about certain David events just because they bring back so many good memories. Yup, won’t be long now before he is back that is if he doesn’t extend his stay in Chile. LOL I am messing with you there!

    I do know you love David’s cover of this song in Begin. It’s my favorite from that cd too. Won’t it be nice if he gets the cover promoted in this way? This particular Lily Allen’s cover reached no 1 in the UK singles chart last November.

  5. Haha Trace, old habits die hard! I took a peek at the AI auditions too. Just like you I feel the same way about the judges. Harry is a good choice for the new judge.

    David will have plenty of time to sing at any AI result shows that is if he ever gets invited back. LOL that would certainly wake me up as well about the show 😀

  6. Hey Shirley! Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

    As I said earlier, you do post some lovely vids here. That SOWK vid is pretty amazing. Love it. Yes, I can imagine David walking with the bear through the forest – and meeting Almond the squirrel too! 😀

    OMG I didn’t realise I had posted a TS song! Not a fan at all but that song, I must say, is quite good 😀

  7. Haha Shirley, you’re being cheeky – David extending his stay in Chile?! I think his fandom will explode with rage! But there again, anything is possible in life and he is very good in giving us surprises/shocks. This journey with him is sometimes very taxing on my old nerves 😉

    If he is that cruel and does not come back this year, I think we’ll have to send him this song! (Don’t take the words too literally! 😀 )

  8. LOL Trace, David walking with Mr Bear and meeting Almond the squirrel is so funny. To continue he will perhaps let Almond in that he once had a fish called Conditioner and that his sister’s cat has a Japanese name 😀 😀

    You are right about David and his surprises. Oh well, its his life to live after all. Another song you could send him (if there is a mission extension) is this one from my favourite band 🙂

  9. “relationship suicide” hahahaha …
    thank you for The Script, Shirley. 🙂

    New thread tomorrow.

  10. Hey Trace,

    Relationship suicide indeed! Love The Script especially… 😀 😀

    Ok looking forward to your new post soon.

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