9 comments on “X’Mas 2013 Going On DA 2014!

  1. Shirley, Akang

    I see you guy are beginning to listen to Christmas music – those really nice Christmas songs which you guys posted in the last thread. 🙂

    So I decided to have a new Christmas post and you can have your Christmas party and make your Christmas wishes! But as David said, Careful What You Wish For!! 😀

  2. Yezz Shirley … I lied. I did listen to some classical music too in the dark room besides going through all of David’s albums haha!
    I also listened to Les Mis and thought about David! 😀

  3. Yes Shirley, David does look like he has matured a little in the 2nd pic in the last thread. I Liiike!!
    Well, he has to grow up at some point haha! 😉

    I’m waiting for his bristles to appear! 😀
    Perhaps with some facial hair, people will see him as more cool and take him more seriously? Hmph.. I dunno. 😉 😀

  4. LOL at your I Want list to Santa, Trace :). If you don’t get any presents this year you’d know why.
    Santa must be overwhelmed with that particular wish list haha

    Two more days to Christmas!! It’s a wet and gloomy morning over here. Hope to get a sunny Christmas day 🙂

    Btw, have I told you that Astro is going to show Les Mis next Feb? Now you can watch it every time it’s on and think of David….and his bristles 😀 😀

  5. Lol Shirley, same to you! If you don’t get any christmas presents this year, you’ll know that you have been extremely naughty this year! 😀
    Besides, he has also gone to pengsan-land hehehe ….

  6. Ah it’s good to know that Astro will be showing Les Mis next year. I have watched it so many times I think I’ll wait for the version where they cast David as Marius. 😀
    Liying and I had been spazzing about that possibility if you remember! 🙂

  7. Good morning Trace!

    Thanks for the video from Vatican. Didnt know so many singers had sang there. Come to think of it I think Papam would enjoy David’s Christmas CD – what do you think? 🙂 🙂

    LOL I have been very good this year. I’ve even gotten an early Christmas present already HAHA

    Bet you have not heard this song before. I heard it for the first time too this morning. Thought its appropriate to post here since its Christmas Eve.

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