11 comments on “Archee-Waachee

  1. Oh my, when I first read through the post, I was left in stitches. Reason being my relatives know me as ‘Teng Teng’ which is quite coincidental. Hahaha

    I have been called ‘Crazy Tracy’ and ‘Twistie’ back in my primary school years. The most embarassing one was ‘tracy paper’. My classmate did not know how to spell ‘tracing paper’ and resorted to spelling my name instead.

    But I have grown fond of my most recent nickname ‘T squared’ which I think is the most suitable since I have 2 T’s in my name. 😛

    What about you, Trace? Did you have any embarassing nicknames back in school? 😉

  2. Hahaha! Love this post!! Thanks for the post Trace.

    Tracy! I really like the name T Squared! Can we call you that from now on???

    And yes. Reading this post really does make me miss my Archubuddies. Wherever you guys are, hope you’re doing great!

    Just a few more months to go guys, before someone returns!!!

  3. Hi Teng Teng/T Squared/Crazy Tracy/Twistie!! (Lol such a riot! 😀 )

    In answer to your question, I was called Fatso in school. 😀

  4. Hey Archee Waaachee 🙂

    Here’s a big hug back at you especially when you go into the ‘dark room’ as Akang has so aptly named it.

    Take good care, dont forget your sunglasses and of cos David’s music to while away the days 😀


  5. “The rhine in spine stys minely on the pline!”
    “Just you white ‘Enry ‘Iggins, just you white!”
    🙂 🙂

    Fatso? Nooo! That’s not possible 🙂

    Ah.. that lost ticket episode! I had forgotten about that little adventure. Poor Irda Amelia was nearly catatonic with desperation 🙂 I don’t know what would have happened if the folks at the ticket office didn’t manage to retrieve their record of the ticket purchase. I think all you aunties would have had to console her outside the stadium while moi went in to enjoy the concert. And I also remember the other adventure after the concert when we camped at his hotel waiting for his return. We waited and waited until I decided it was too late and had to go home. And not 5 minutes after I had left the little rascal decided to show up!

    Yes those were really good times and I miss all of that and all the Archies! So many good and not so good memories. Where have they all gone? Thanks for the post Trace 🙂

  6. Dear Archee Waaachee lanky Trace,

    Your post really tickled me P.I.N.K.!! Me, Yoga Devi?! hmmm…Thanks for the nice petname. I really had a great time at Kerala, India this time. LOL.. Phew! I thought I would be called korean drama junkie! 😉

    Here is a fun song covered by Jason Mraz. Listen carefully and take a guess while you are in the “dark room”! 🙂

  7. Akang. Shirley

    sneaking out of the Dark Room to say Hi. 🙂
    Eye is still strained looking at light. typing very slowly with 1 eye. 😀
    Another few days hopefully.
    C ya! 🙂

  8. John, nice to see ya.

    Serious . I was Little Miss Apple as a kid then called Fatty (sorry not Fatso) in school but lost it all by the age of 12. 😀

    I am sure many aam’ers would have had the warmth of heart (driven by the heat of the D concert?) to chip in for a ticket for Irda? 😉

    My Fair Lady … one of my fav films inspired by the genius of George Bernard Shaw. This is for you (with no inference to the lyrics 😛 – just one of my fav songs from the film.

  9. Akang

    Thank you for the vid of Animals’ names. I will definitely watch it when my eye is better. 🙂
    Got to go now before my doctor catches me red-handed at the computer. 😦

  10. Haha Trace I just know you will sneak in here 🙂 Was just about to ask how you are doing and there you are!

    See you soon and take care 😀

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