4 comments on “R I P NELSON MANDELA

  1. Hey Trace,

    Thanks for doing this post. The first quite from Nelson Mendela is one of my favourites. Very sad that such a great icon has passed but still we are lucky to have known him in our lifetime.

    Its very funny but every time I see his picture and I am reminded of my dad. Infact on the day he passed, I received a text message at work from my daughter and she included a smiling picture of Nelson Mendela and said he really looks like Kong Kong 🙂

  2. Mornin’ Shirley! 🙂

    Yes that’s my favourite quote too. It’s universal and applies to everyone (including David 🙂 )
    not just S Africa.

    I decided to post this not just because Mandela’s passing has churned out so many international outpourings (since we are a D-site 🙂 ) but also because he was a phenomenon for humanity, integrity and for not harbouring perpetual bitterness despite what he went through for 27 years in prison.

  3. Shirley

    Did Kong Kong really look like Nelson Mandela?
    A really elegant and dignified look, I must say. 🙂

    Other than the times when Mandela was giving a serious speech, he always gave out a smile which was unassuming and calm. Besides his words and visions, we have much to emulate from him. 🙂

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