18 comments on “Emotion And Emotiveness

  1. Trace,

    Thanks for that little history lesson about Friederich Schiller and Beethovan. Ode to Joy is a beautiful piece and even though I don’t listen that much to classical music I do feel a certain connection every time I listen to it. Love the video of the young Hong Kong musicians.

    Can’t believe Christmas is around the corner and 2013 is coming to an end soon. For Christians, we are in the 2nd week of Advent which is a time of waiting and preparation. Normally many so us are indeed distracted from the true meaning of being joyful in the midst of this preparation (me included haha). I’ve always love this Amy Grant’s song. I thought David covered this song brilliantly.

  2. Ahhh, how about watching this video? 😀

    Wow, Trace you actually went searching for those tumblr comments? Anyway regarding that statement about David being misunderstood, I suppose no one can ever hope to be completely understood by others. David is no exception and I do believe he understands that and is ok about it 😀

  3. Trace, sorry that the topic has now veered to being misunderstood instead of joy haha.
    Thought you might like this song 😀

  4. Since I am on a roll this morning and it’s the Christmas season, enjoy this one, Trace 😀 : D
    Well, at least it’s joyfully funny haha

  5. Shirley

    I’m glad you liked the HK version of Ode To Joy. You didn’t like the fully orchestrated one? 😀 despite my various attempts to suck you into listening to some classical music?! Lol just a joke. Heavier classical music is not everyone’s cup of tea. 🙂

    I was once in Athens and listened to the whole 9th Symphony, and I nearly fell asleep haha despite my liking the classicals. 😀

  6. Thank you for the Amy Grant vid of I Need A Silent Night, and David’s version too. Needless to say, I would rather listen to David singing it. 😀

    David is made for Christmas music. He has a certain way of bringing Joy to the music and to the listeners.

    Did I tell you that I was at Bangsar Village yesterday, and again! David’s Silent Night and The 1st Noel were blasting out to welcome me! Lol!
    It was blasting in the ladies’ room too! 😀

  7. Haha Shirley, analysing human emotions is such a wide subject. Being able to understand oneself personally is already a difficult thing, let alone others understanding you.

    But I believe that being able to feel Joy in our hearts is the most important thing, joy that goes beyond what material things can give us, like your preparation for your Church Advent. 🙂
    You may want to tell us about your Church celebrations in our Christmas post later in the month. 🙂

  8. Shirley, thank you for your Robbie Williams vids. I’m not a RW fan (Akang is a huge one I remember haha, pity she is stuck in India doing a spiritual thing!) There is something that emerges from his eyes that makes me feel a little uncomfortable LOL! 😀

    I first heard Dream A Little Dream in the film French Kiss, a light comedy with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in it.

  9. Top of the morning to you Trace,

    Haha too much of the good stuff can make you feel asleep huh? The Orchestra was beautiful but I am not use to listen to more than 5 minutes of classical music and this video is 8 minutes plus 😀 😀

    Anyway I am listening to the video again while commenting 🙂

  10. Ahhh, dont you just love Bangsar Village. No wonder it’s your favorite mall.

    You will be very pleased to hear this. Yesterday a colleague of mine told me that she has downloaded David’s CFTH and it’s not bad. Haha, yes that’s actually what she said. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy for David.

  11. Trace,

    Yes I do remember that you’re not a fan of RW. You did say it’s his eyes and smirk that you don’t like 😀

    Akang should be enjoying herself eating banana rice, drinking coconut water, going to the spa, getting her Ayurveda massages and maybe practices her yoga when she has the time.

    French Kiss seems like a movie I can watch. The soundtrack is very nice. Thanks for the video.

  12. Ok here’s my last video for the day haha. Love this song! How’s this for weird looking eyes? At least RW’s eyes have some cheeky twinkles in them at times 🙂

  13. Oh no, not Robin Williams again! LOL! 😀
    Ok, just for you, I’ll listen to it – but later today. 😀

    Aiyo Shirley! (that reminds me of an Indian song – do you remember which one it is?), the best part of the 9th Symphony is the last part!!!!

  14. Yes Bangsar Village is where I frequent! They take instructions well! 😀
    Glad your colleague liked CFTH.

    French Kiss is light and funny and Meg Ryan, I believe, was termed as America’s sweetheart. 🙂
    My daughter, when still a teenager, used to like her.

    I hope Akang doesn’t get drunk with all the goody stuff you mentioned! She will come back sparkling! 😀

  15. Shirley, sorry I don’t get the reason you asked me to guess re the Capital Cities vid. Was Adam Levine in it? LOL! Or you want David to dance? LOL!

    No, I give up. Do tell ! 🙂

  16. That Bastille vid gave me the creeps though the song is ok. Thank goodness I did not watch it at night lol!
    No Joy from it, that’s for sure! 😀

    And it has more than 48 million views?! My problem with it is, vids need gimmicks like that to gain popularity? Sorry Shirley, just my own silly opinion. 🙂

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