17 comments on “Playing Chess With David .. And More

  1. Hey Trace,

    Tried twice this morning to post via my laptop and it doesnt work so I’m now on my phone.

    I have downloaded Sigmund Freud’s Dream Psychology a long time ago and Ive not even flip a single page yet 🙂 You could be spot on with your self analysis of that dream of yours.

    Eh but why no Nadal in your dream? 😀

  2. Oh yes, about that ‘cant marry you’ song, you might have been watching this music video haha. On the other hand you might not have watched it before but I am kinda amused by the slight similarities of your dream.

    There’s the piano with the lady perched on top of it. The song is titled ‘Marry Me’ and it has David’s old pal in it 😀

  3. Shirley!

    I could not post any comments either the whole day yesterday. Looks like it’s ok now. 🙂

    Wow! What a way to to wake up yesterday morning with your vid with so many explicit love scenes. 😀 Have you seen the one with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? It seems like that this kind of vid is the thing at the moment! 😀

    I didn’t know Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks were a couple until I saw this vid. 😀

  4. I hope David doesn’t have to do what Jason did in the vid – kneeling and begging – when he wants to propose to his MKOP when the time comes! 😀

    You downloaded Sigmund Freud’s Dream Psychology? Wow, you must read it! It will make us understand our dreams better. 🙂

    Nadal in my dream? Lol! 😀
    I have had a dream of him once – just once. Just a short encounter with him walking by. 😀
    I must think about David more than I think of him! 😀

  5. Shirley
    I just remembered I had another huge D-dream some time last year. Completely forgot about it haha! Just goes to show I have dreams of him more frequently than I can remember. 😀
    Must be all this writing y’know. 😀

    That reminds me of this song, the original version by the Everly Brothers. Never heard this version before.

  6. Comparing your Jason vid and my Andy Gibb vid, it shows how the world has changed so much.
    Before, relation-type of music is sweet, understated and subtle.
    Nowadays, it is loud, in-your-face, and altogether rather bizarre! 🙂

  7. Hey Trace,

    Glad you are able to post comments today. It was really weird yesterday. I tried on my iPad and it doesn’t work as well. I can only do it on my phone.

    Haha yes that Jason Derulo’s video is not something I will watch on repeats. Needless to say I won’t even care to watch anything to do with Kanye or the Kardashians 😀

    Jordin and Jason look good together. I am quite sure David will find someone equally nice. Don’t you worry too much LOL

  8. Yay! It works on my iPad 😀

    Anyway, you’re right about how the world has changed in every aspects, Trace. As I was going through YouTube I revisited this video.

    Love how she turned all the cynics around 😀

  9. Haha Shirley, I wouldn’t watch anything with a Kardashian in it either. But it appeared after the end of some other vid I was watching earlier. So I clicked in out of curiosity. If you care to go into that vid, you may like the beginning part where they showed a beautiful scene with horses running – something similar I would like being in a future David-vid. 🙂

  10. Shirley

    I am glad you posted that Susan Boyle audition vid. It’s an awakening for us to never judge a book by its cover haha! – what with the judges rolling their eyes (especially Simon!) and the audience looking at her so dubiously. I would have sniggered a little bit too. Bad! 😦

    But she has turned out to be one of the best vocalists during our time.
    Surprisingly I do not search out for her songs. Any songs of hers you would recommend?

  11. Coming back to David, I’m sure he is level-headed enough to pick a girl who is not the type I’m afraid he will end up with. 😀
    Or else, she will have to face the wrath of all the Archies!! 😀

  12. Happy Sunday to you Trace 🙂

    After Susan Boyle released her first CD in 2009 called ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ I had listened to her whole cd (borrowed from my sis) and I particularly like this one.

    Incredibly clear vocals, don’t you think? We sang this hymn at mass this morning so I was reminded of Susan’s beautiful cover.

  13. Trace, Love this one too.

    I’ve read that Susan became known became known as “The Woman Who Silenced Simon Cowell” haha. Just like David, Susan was a runner up but she has gone on to great singing success. Could it be partly that she’s on Simon’s label?

  14. Shirley
    Good morning!

    Thank you very much for the vids you posted. 🙂
    I will definitely watch them later today.
    Had been busy yesterday and this morning too. 🙂

  15. Shirley

    I have time now to watch your beautiful vids. As we agree, Susan does have great vocals.

    The scenaries in the 1st vid were absolutely breath-taking. They remind me of NZ which I used to visit often.

    Haha I’m glad she “silenced” Simon. though he was my favourite judge during the AI days. However, I feel he has gone a little “tacky” with his shows after AI. 😀

    I’m glad you mentioned she has gone on to great success with her singing. I’ve always felt that, if David had used his voice to produce songs which are more “timeless” like Susan had, he would have found a better niche for himself, though I’m not sure if the younger archies would agree with me. Then of course, a suitable label would have helped too. 🙂

    You sang How Great Thou Art” at Mass? Wanna record your singing voice and post it here? 🙂
    You challenged me to write a song for David which I shamelessly did, so I’m now challenging you to Sing! 😀

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